Which is the Best Offline ATC software/add on?

Which is the best offline ATC add on which resembles real world flying?

I have heard of a few but I would like to know which is the best that simulates the real world. The default ATC requires a lot of improvement in my opinion.

ProAtcx but do not still work yet. But they program it for the new msfs

I would not say necessarily the best but pretty darn good. Pilot2ATC (EDIT: What is wrong with the word d-a-r-n?)


PF3 ATC…119 voices, with accents tied to countries.


Must admit I’d only really seen pilot2atc before, but have just watched a youtube video on ProATCX and it looks really good. I’ll have to keep an ear out for this coming to MSFS and give it a go.

When I was still using P3D ProATC X was my favorite ATC addon by far. I am happy to hear it will come to MSFS but er… the news was announced by one of the ProATC X forum mods, not the developer himself, and that developer is known for taking his time… One update a year on the program was good news already… Afaik the last update was released in May 2018? The developer is also known for not sharing any news and hardly (if ever?) visiting the forum. And since the mod said it won’t be here any time soon (it will be a complete rewrite and not an update) I do believe the announcement was just posted to keep people interested. I honestly doubt if the dev is working on it already.

I really and honestly don’t see ProATC X appear for MSFS within a year or so. It will probably take even longer. Which is a shame. But I wouldn’t wait for it. In fact, I wouldn’t even count on it ever being released. If MSFS won’t improve ATC anytime the coming year I think I’ll have a look at Pilot2ATC.

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I think ProATC is the best atc addon.

Wow guys…so many choices. I’m planning to join the airline business as a pilot. So which one do you recommend for that ?

The problem is that you can’t load flightplans that have been created externally into the FMC of the MSFS planes, so there’s always going to be a clash between the FMC route and what an external ATC program wants to do.

In P2ATC you create a flight plan in there that the ATC works off, you export it and then import into the FMC of your plane (or that’s how it worked in X Plane).

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Since the fixing of SimConnect, Pilot2ATC works very well. It comes with a 10 day full trial before you buy. The learning curve is quite steep and you need to be running fsuipc7 in the background.

Export plan from pilot2atc in .pln format and load in msfs in the flight planning page. Works perfectly, same flight p!an in msfs plane and pilot2atc.


If this works then I suppose we can safely hold that that Pilot2ATC is the most sophisticated Offline ATC in MSFS 202 as of now?

Maybe I am mistaken but afaik Pilot2ATC is the ONLY offline ATC addon that’ll work with MSFS… so yes, I guess that also makes it the most sophisticated one. If you are, as you said, planning to become a real world pilot though I think you’ll find no offline ATC addon will really prepare you for that.

Been trialling Pilot2ATC for the last 3 days, and really enjoying it - takes a bit of setting up and understanding, but worth the effort, its a significant upgrade on the in game ATC :+1:t2:


I think I’ll go get Pilot2ATC today

P2ATC looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the other suggestions, gonna check them all.

The only thing I disliked about P2ATC is the robotic voices, is it possible to use Windows TTS instead, like in MSFS?

Does Pikot2ATC react to live traffic AI planes in the sin? For example does ATC give you a go around when an AI plane is on the runway?

For me it does not work. When I export the Pikot2ATC flight plan and load it in MSFS it just loads me a direct route without the waypoints. Do I anything wrong?

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Are you sure you are exporting it and not just saving it then loading it. If you load a saved flight plan you will just get a direct route without waypoints, you must export as a p3d flight plan to a folder of your choice then load that file and you get the full plan.

Sure? I thought as *.pln file.

Do we know, if reacting to AI traffic will be implemented sometimes?