Which is the plane you fly in VR?

Please share the plane you fly the most in VR and the reasons why you choose it.
Thank you!

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The helis are where VR really shines. Bell47, H135, H145, R44 etc. The 47 has the best visibility for sightseeing but it can be slow. Helis is general are great with VR because in slow hovering maneuvers you can look downward out the side window (or remove the doors!) without having to let go of controls and click something to change your view. I find it very hard to fly any heli in 2D.

Most of my other flights are in C208, the new kodiak, or any cub hi-wing variant for awesome visibility.


Only one I fly:

Just Flight’s Piper Arrow Turbo III. I don’t do anything else.

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Tanto em 2d, como VR, meu preferido é o TBM 930, depois o C208

I use Neofly for missions and so far the Cessna Grand Caravan C208 is the best for me in VR.

I am planning on more “normal” cross country ifr (I did a realtime vfr across canada in xplane a few years ago, in a 152 with no gps, and want to do it now in msfs) but im having too much fun zipping aorund cities in the extra. Testing out the new flight desk - YouTube

I certainly fly them all. Even the planes which I don’t fly as often I always try to get in them periodically because they all have their charms.

But I do have a few favorites, namely…

  1. Piper turbo arrow III. It’s a very authentic-feeling plane plus the turbo allows me to maintain climb rates at modest altitudes. Plus it has good visibility to see the beautiful graphics of the game.
  2. Carenado Mooney M20R Ovation. It feels like it has weight to it. It’s has a big interior, it has good climb performance, and it has steam gauges. Plus it has good visibility to see the beautiful graphics of the game.
  3. Got Gravel Vertigo. This plane is just pure joy. It’s fast and sleek. If you like flying in -and-out of mountain passes at breakneck speed this plane can’t be beat. Plus it has good visibility to see the beautiful graphics of the game.

Night flying in the F22 is also pretty cool. The outside textures are very basic, but inside beautiful cockpit lighting, good outside view, easy autopilot in VR.
Full moon at night over the alps (or cloud layers) is spectacular.

TBM-930 is the only aircraft I really fly (at least 95% of the time anyway). Have built all the knobs, buttons, and switches and placed them in the appropriate spots so flying in VR is awesome with that. The airplane is fast and works fairly well (with Mugz TBM Improvement Mod). It’s a simple enough airplane that all the switches, knobs, and and buttons can be accessed easily while wearing a headset, but yet the G3000 leaves the interaction for route planning and PFD/MFD setup with the mouse.

Do you not have the double mouse issue in the Carenado? I love that interior but the double mouse issue kills it for me.

Yes definitely. It bugged the heck out of me when I first got the plane. It was the first 3rd party plane I purchased. I actually tried to get a refund because of it but of course I quickly learned that there’s no such thing as a refund on these purchases. So I had no recourse but to use the plane in that condition and I guess over time I just got used to closing my right eye when I needed to click on a button. Did you realize that the mouse you see in your left eye is the correct one? So all you can do is close your right eye to find the correct spot to click.

Note though that I now have the double-mouse issue on other 3rd party planes as well so it’s not only a Carenado issue.

H145, C172, Baron 58, C208.

Just Flight Warrior, Cessna 152 and add-on Cessna 170 because those are what I’ve flown in real life! Low and slow is the only way…

The Twin Otter seems to have the best button/dial/switch implementation for Touch Controllers.

VR controllers only: Robin DR400, TBM (to a lesser extent)

Joystick : All of them, my favourites are FBWA320, Hawk, DC6.

Would love to be able to fly the A320 with just the VR controllers, it is so immersive interacting with all the controls like that

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