Which nVidia Filter Settings Are You Using? Before/After Shots

Good morning forum,

I’ve just started to mess around with the nVidia filters while using MSFS. Wondering if others who use them could post which filters (and their settigns) they are using. Along with a “before and after” screenshot to see the differences in color / detail.


There are a few other threads already created on Nvidia’s filters. Most of us who’ve done this have changed the exposure and the gamma… but everything else remained the same.

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Here are my post-SU5 settings. Haven’t tested them since WU6 I think; I just realized that they’ve probably been reset. (The Freestyle settings seem to reset for me on every update, very annoying.)

One change I’d make now is to reduce the tint intensity, as it makes the image too blue. After posting the thread I realized my monitor was too green overall, not just in MSFS, so I “calibrated” it a bit (not the proper way), so now I don’t need as big of an adjustment in MSFS as I did back then.

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