Who is hyped for WU6?

Loading really fast right now. Could you all wait till i’m finished?

No doubt so annoying

Updated or not and I do agree with your comment, but, I was unable to enjoy MFSF with all the stutters and freezes so I’m glad that they helped with that issue by releasing SU5, albeit it at the expense of detail.

Did you get an update then already?

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No update yet…

And they did that in the midst of a global pandemic which means they had to do a lot of work from home, which probably added to some of the problems. I don’t think any game that has been released during COVID has gone according to plan. Maybe if people took a step back and granted the developers a little grace while they continue to sort things out. I know the sim isn’t perfect on my XBOX Series S, but I’m finding ways to enjoy it in the meantime.

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Nothing here in Germany…

Yep. 17.00 Zürich time it started.

Ah yes, those people who silently watch over our shoulders to ensure that our right to “Freedom of speech” is upheld…lol.

That’s just because you Swiss people construct the best watches! :joy:

“90% of people on Earth live in the Northern Hemisphere…”

that’s why the earth is slanted and there is the ecliptic , otherwise it would stand straight upright.

It’s should be live at 8:30 PT

installing update now. After the MS Store update, the total update inside MSFS is about 2.67GB. This does NOT include the Scenery updates which are optional from the Marketplace. I

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Update is finished but no world update where it usually is found? Anyoner else notice this?

U believe u are better than the others.

Says mandatory update but there’s no update in the ms store? ■■■???


same here :frowning:

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Just finished downloading the sim from the store

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