Who is satisfied with FS2020 and enjoys this great product? Hint: NOT who is dissatisfied

I use FSAirlines . net, you still earn virtual money. Can apply to VA’s and buy your own planes and such.

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So far I am fairly happy with it. I did quite a bit of flying on FS4 and FSX. On FS2020, all of my flights have been with the A320

Here are complaints (just a few so far)

-Setting up a flight in the Main setup can be buggy. I end up fixing a lot of the waypoint issues with the MCU. Have to check it carefully in pre flight on the MCU.
-Once in awhile it does drop me out of AP
-The range seems to be off on the A320 (which is the only one I have been flying). Should be able to fly farther then the fuel range gives you. As of now I have it set to unlimited fuel setting to do longer flights.
-The ATC is questionable but I can get around that and use approach and ILS charts to get me in.
-It does take a bit to get used what really works for the auto pilot system.

All and all I have been able to fly IFR flights all around with little issues. Looking forward to fixes on bugs I have been finding that probably many others have been experiencing.

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Man, just loving this sim and this career program A Pilot’s Life. Really gives a sense of purpose if you likethe airliners. Contracts, job offers, cargo, passenger. Using it with Self loading Cargo and wow. Can Only get better from here with updates.


Never been so refreshing to finally read a fully positive thread. The devs and the team deserve this. Hopefully this inspires even more motivation. If the other side gets you down, re read this thread.
My sentiments echoed many times. Simming since the 80s. Never gets dull, but this MSFS alot of times is simply jaw dropping. There is so much to explore this beautiful planet and now it doesnt look cartoonish. Its very plausible. Usually flying IFR and airliners, but all this GA flying offers so much to explore. Plenty of immersion factors too and that goes a long way. Thank you MS/Asobo for keeping the flight sim dream very much alive with the latest tech, and a real modern 2020 sim finally. Cheers


One flight hour in the shark costs about 70€ For its owner. That‘s a little different than a Mig ^^

No, Shark Aviation has a couple of distributors and displayers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and there shouldn‘t be a problem. Obviously you don‘t come to buy one instantly at that price but it‘s good for Shark av when the potential customer base spreads the word :joy: No idea what it costs… 30-40€ for 30 min? We pay 48€ for 60min with our FK9 and 55 for the WT9

Great thread, and I too am enjoying this massively. Here’s my round the world log if you want to follow along (half way along the Amazon from it’s source to the Atlantic right now, so hardly taking a straight route!).

Picking up on a couple of points from the last few posts:

Many of the known issues don’t seem to affect me - e.g. the VFR bug (I actually have that option disabled from the in game menu as I found it adds about 5-10 FPS to my experience), the Azure bug, not being able to have the AI deal with ATC etc. I keep the build vanilla, have NEVER touched the game files and empty the community folder pre updates. I also don’t skip the load screens/press a key - just in case, you know?

I’ve been exclusivley flying GA, but even then I’ve found out more about IFR flying, ILS, VOR, frequencies, navigation, approach patterns and stuff than I ever knew before (I’m a total noob)

I like to get the flight plan set up, do the take off, get on the flight plan then hand over to the AP to follow the route whilst I sight see out the windows. And then I try to do the landing…which I definitely need a lot more practice at.

Just checked and I’ve got 596 screenshots accumulated so far from my round the world trip that is now my desktop wallpaper folder. Sometimes I look at the desktop shots as they come up randomly and the pics look like those shots you see when you start up the PC on the login page for windows they are so realistic.

Just on that, MS should put a “fly here” button on those windows startup images - click that and it will load you into the sim at the location where the picture was taken when you get into windows. That would be awesome!

I’ve got no issues with the live weather. I don’t need it to be up to the minute live. As long as it is something resembling real life, and also (most importantly) it changes and is dynamic like in real life, it doesn’t matter to me if it is delayed or not that accurate. I mean I’ve no idea what the weather is like right now in Manaus, Brazil, so what does it matter if it’s a little inaccurate (but I’m sure it matters to some, and I’m also sure it will be improved).

One big thing for me is that it is all in one place if you know what I mean. I experimented a little with xplane. I found it really difficult to get into though. Hard to penetrate for the beginner, and then it looked awful - the planes looked OK, but the scenery was just repeating bland tiles everywhere with boxes for buildings. If you like your airliners at 30,000ft, then probably sufficient, but I couldn’t even get the engines started on one of those :slight_smile:.

And then when you think Ok, I’ll download some freeware stuff to improve the scenery, you discover that you’ve got to make sure it loads in a certain order, that one scenery doesn’t conflict with another, you have to edit some loading file thing, and after all that it still looks like a 5 year old has drawn it, You start to think why bother?

And then you look at payware - so that TrueEarth stuff looks good. OK, I might splash out on that a bit…yeah, so that’ll be £35 or so…for one third of England! I mean at 30,000ft and 500knts, I’ll pass over that in 30 minutes or something (once I learn to fly an airliner!).

I did a quick calc the other day, and if you had to buy the scenery for the whole world (landmass only - all 510,000,000Km2) at that rate, it would cost about £170,000. TrueEarth South of England is 107,000Km2 and takes 127Gb of data. So you’d need something like 600Tb of disk space. at £100 a Tb that’s another £60,000 of storage capacity! And that is even if they did all that and you could even download it without melting your router.

But guess what - all of that is available out of the box for MSFS. It may not be as completely accurate as TrueEarth and there are glitches and errors in it, but really there is no comparison.

And then there are the continual improvements with Japan just being the start. Navblue and charts still to come. I thought the developer interview the other day was great. Sure they could have been a bit more specific about some timelines and clearer in a few areas and probably didn’t help themselves as much as they could have done, but still their passion and commitment is there. You sensed their excitement about what’s possible and what they want to do with the sim. I think they are as frustrated as we are with the bugs that people are having as it’s getting in the way of them (and some of us) getting to the really exciting bits.

So all of this makes it really easy for me to accept and workaround some of the glitches and bugs that do exist (although as I said, many don’t seem to impact me). The positives far exceed the negatives. I’m really glad they launched it when they did - although Paradox is missing out on another CK3 player as a result (like an earlier poster!) - that icon is sitting gathering dust on my desktop.

As an aside to those complaning about the load times, my load time on MSFS inncluding the splash screens is about 2mins 50s. For CK3 - take a guess? 3mins 22s! And it runs my RTX 2080 super flat out - just like MSFS.

So it’s pretty good really :grin:


You could try to get over that you know? Some people can get over it by frequent exposure to what’s making them ill. The most easy is to start with a shooter, if you get ill from watching those on YouTube it is even easier, just watch the shooter for one minute a day at first. If that doesn’t give you weird feelings start watching it multiple times a day for one minute. Build it up slowly, try to start watching it for longer periods, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and so on, but always immediately stop if you start feeling weird.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it could also be caused by photosensitive epilepsy instead of motion sickness, you won’t be able to build the time up if that’s the case and you might also lose consciousness, see stars and colored balls or notice tremble in your limbs when you watch this type of content for longer periods of time. If that’s the case immediately cease to watch content like this and seek fore more information about photosensitive epilepsy.

Since the update, I have been having harder landings with ILS. It is like the glide slope is all messed up. Besides that, it is still an amazing sim, just need the glide slope fixed.

The ILS is just a system sending out two 4 beams… do you mean on autoland?

I think we have talked past each other. I didn’t mean Shark. I think I misunderstood your reference.

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So as I was writing this I was on an approach to KORD, ILS and it suddenly took off course. I had to manually get it back to the course for the ILS and caught it . So there are some problems they need to work out but if you can follow charts you should be good. It is a definite learning course for flying.

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That is correct. Using ILS landing is all of the sudden right at the end before touchdown, accelerating, going half way down the runway and then dropping like a brick.

Actually it was a failure with my FD keeping me on course to get me to the ILS approach. It sent me away from my waypoints that we’re programmed in to approach the pattern. After I manually, using the heading controls, I was able to hit the ILS glide slope 4 or 5 miles out and it was smooth in.

Biggest problem I’m having with MSFS is that I’m spending too much time on it! This is absolutely brilliant. Seen the same as most - occasional runaway trim, errant behavior of AI co-pilot Chuckie, fair weather lightening. All more entertaining than problematic.

Using OnAir to take me to places I’d never think of going. It’s all magnificent. Right now, cruising East along the North African coast of Algiers…


soooo funny ! awesome and thanks for sharing ! hahahahahahhaa.

Thanks for your answer. I know how I can reduce motion sickness. There are some tricks. Acupressure bracelet, stick dot in the middle of the monitor, less coffee, avoid blur and fast movements, pause regularly etc.

Or really train away. That actually works. Play until you feel sick and always hold out 5 minutes longer. This way you can work out a longer possible playing time over a longer period of time. But the problem is that you have to maintain this state. This means that you have to play every day to stay trained. I do not play regularly. Sometimes an hour every day, sometimes three, sometimes two weeks off. As soon as I take a week off from playing, I start from scratch again and have to train again. It’s exhausting and stressful, so I prefer to avoid such situations. In fighter flight simulations or here in FS2020 I don’t have these problems on the monitor. And that is great. I can do what I enjoy doing. :small_airplane: :heart_eyes:

No, it is not epilepsy with me. I have undergone appropriate neurological examinations.

PS: @Pilot1811
Thanks for this pleasant thread. It is nice to see that there are also tolerant and patient players in this forum. If all posts in this forum were so friendly and respectful, that would be great and much more helpful.


Yes, very creative. I think the creator invested also some work on it. TOP!

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Im enjoying mfs2020 a lot and every day!
Best thing/game 2020 ever had :heart:

Completely agree, we should keep these topics alive so we can be happy about the sim for once without these complainers continuously ruining things.

There’s just so much to love about it and often I wanted to talk about that, but it seemed impossible. I would really like to dream about future possibilities as there are so many!

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Which VR System you are using?