Why do I have Duplicate Rudders and Touch Device that doesn't exist

Why is this still something you can’t fix MS and TB! So sick of this, its a Microsoft account problem or a Turtle Beach problem. I have not used the peddles in 3 months and now they are not working. All MS needs to do is let FS2020 users enable or disable available devices in the sim. If I could disable the one with no control I could just use the one with control.

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I have tried to reset my account, but it achieved nothing other than loose my flight log book. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I still have a pedal set that i cannot use. The next step is to gut the controller and replace it with an arduino or stm32 controller.

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You can add a Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller, windows/ MSFS will recognise it

Thanks for that, that might be easier the normal arduino method I have been using. I will never buy another Turtle Beach product again.

On a side note, Yesterday and today I received 2 text from TB. 1 saying my order was confirmed, 2nd was a tracking number of the order’s shipping. I’m like I didn’t order anything for TB in a year… google the tracking number and it was these rudder pedals. FROM A YEAR AGO! TB clearly has issues beyond duplicate profiles… At Least they still work. Why can’t you just ignore one of the profiles in the config. I have both and set the bindings in 1 of them and forget the other. flies just fine.

of the two joysticks, 1 has the 3 axis and one doesn’t (it has no buttons or axis in windows calibration page). 1 can assign anything I like to the working one in FS2020, however FS2020 only uses the one that is empty in the plane. I have even tried using SPAD.next to override it but that suffers the same problem.

I have same problem.
It is a Windows problem, not MSFS, I think.

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What happens if you delete both devices from Device manager, assuming they appear there, without unplugging them? Then remove them, then plug them back in again.

I only show one set of pedals in Windows, for me it is a MSFS issue

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Only 1 device shows in windows, except that when you go to the controller settings (as above by xWing3062) where you can calibrate it. There it shows 2. If you delete it completely from windows it returns when plugged back in. There must be a link to the cloud or the firmware of the peddles for this to be the case. I even used a separate usb removal tool to completely gut it from windows, but results were the same.

Hi @xWing3062

Just a thought: If these devices have related software that you installed, check to see if you have any duplicate INF files for the same device. If the INF files have different hardware IDs, I think that would cause Windows to display the device twice, as it thinks the devices are different. Perhaps one file is a default windows inf file, and one is the oem INF file added when you installed the software?

So, I deleted every entry with the name VelocityOne Rudder in the registries and it seems to help.

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Had the double entries too in win11 and in msfs. After deleting all the entries in the registry finally no more double entries in win11 game controllers. Unfortunately in msfs the double controller still remains.


After deleting all the entries I have one controller (rudder) in Win11 game controllers and one controller (rudder) in the MSFS.
So, I have no problem with duplicate controllers now :wink:

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Would you be so kind as to expand on what you did to remove the double entry, many thank

What I did to remove all the registry entries in windows 11, was to open the registry editor an then find all the entries that contain for example “rudder”. Deleted all the folders for that device and restarted. After, had no more double entries in game controllers in control panel. Unfortunately that was not enough to remove the repeated rudder in MSFS. Maybe some kind of a cloud save don’t know.

Thanks for Clarification, I’m only suffering the double MSFS entry so it looks like I’m stuck with that

Open the registry editor and try to find your device.
I was looking for the name VelocityOne Rudder.

I have tried deleting everything from the registry that has anything to do with turtle beach or velocity one etc. Still no luck, windows reinstates it back to 2 peddles when windows re-installs it.

Yes it’s happening here too. After a system restart I only have one velocity rudder,but after loading MSFS,I still have double rudder in the controller section,and when exit MSFS, win11 has double rudder again. Will try to delete the inputprofile used by msfs as explained here MSFS Thinks One Controller Is Two Controllers - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community and will report back