Why do some here announce their departure from the game?

Seriously. I’ve seen more than 2 lengthy, ranting posts about some XPlane user running back home to their 4 yrs+ developed sim with hundreds of addons because its been out for 4 years, then complaining the sim isn’t study level and isn’t realistic a week and a half after launch.
Was the Xplane default aircraft study level? I don’t think so.
And anyways, if you’re gonna leave, just leave! Why you gotta draw attention to yourself by announcing it with fanfare and rants?
I swear it’s for the best when they leave.


Here goes my rant.

I’m going to stay, I love it.



Because this is a forum? Let people voice their opinions and complains, devs are well aware it comes with the territory. And most post constructive criticism so it can’t do any harm.

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Because people like to announce that they are stomping their feet and taking their marbles home to play something else. It’s their attempt to shame the developers. The appropriate response is “Can I have your stuff?”.



I don’t think we need this thread because that ‘I’m going back to x-plane’ thread was closed by forum admin after it was considered exhausted. This thread would IMO only give such announcers another platform. IMO we are wasting time we could better spend enjoying the sim.

I read the title, and honestly thought it was going to be a discussion about ATC.

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Devs still got their money lol

I am closing this topic now since it does not seem to be going anywhere