Why does Terrain LOD and Object LOD setting not matter?

Windows Key + Print Screen would work too.

Here’s the images png from my screenshot of my 4k monitor. Besides the FPS going to half, what is the difference? I had to resize it to get it to upload.

Because it also affects your aircraft. At 10 LOD, try to zoom out and in with your external cam. You’ll see there’s a lot of detail missing and pop in depending on the camera distance to your aircraft in external view.

If that’s an acceptable drawback, then you can go ahead with it.

I find the latest update improves FPS quite significantly even on 4K Ultra in my 2080 Ti. Something that I couldn’t have reached before.

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Here’s a distance shot using my drone.

Not a drone shot. These distance drone shot are fine. But external view the one with your aircraft model as well.

On mine, LOD 10, at external cam. My aircraft is a smooth tube, with missing radar bumps and small sharklets. And my textures turned to blur. But this is usually on default external cam distance in relative to the aircraft. When I zoom it, the details pop in, and I can see everything that I was missing. But the camera is too zoomed in to actually enjoy the view.

Show terrain, not flatland :smiley:

200 TLOD


I’m so stupid… :man_facepalming:t2: I thought we’re talking about objects LOD… I just realised we’re talking about Terrain LOD. In that case, you can tell the image with the 10 TLOD looks weird on the shoreline.

I dont really know what that does either (probably custom models). It does not seem to have much effect on FPS for me on 3080 (few FPS).

I am talking about objects. But you are correct about the shorelines. I do see those images but terrain LOD kills my FPS more than object. Until direct x12 comes out I will have to live with that.

I’ll stick with slighly worse looking clouds and 10 FPS better till direct X12 comes out!

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Anyone found a fix for the POI LOD issues?

You see my fps difference, its very noticable. Will not matter by June or so when direct x12 comes out. Have you noticed how little the cpu multi cores are being used?

Sorry. DirectX12 will not give any inherent performance increase, mostly some more visual fidelity (mentioned by the developers). They did however find some optimizations from working on the XBox version which we’ll get in the PC version as well. Likely around the XBox release.

About the multithreading; it’s already implemented in the sim. It’s simply that the main thread (that keeps all the other outsourced tasks in sync) is the most heavy utilized.

Objects LOD affects the quality of the draw for generic buildings and your aircraft depending on your camera distance. I’m saying that at 10 Objects LOD, your aircraft will show as very basic model with blurry livery and missing details. On my A320, the radar dome and the small pilot tube and stabilisers are missing. So it looks like a plain smooth tube on the fuselage with wings.

Generic Buildings are also affected too, I can see in my gate that at 10 LOD, my terminal building is a simple cube with no windows texture on them. I add the LOD a little, then it renders the windows texture. I add some more, it adds roof details. I maxxed the LOD, it shows the Aircon objects on the roof and looking at different directions shows consistency to all the buildings within your field of view.

Terrain LOD affects the mesh detail and quality for the terrain itself. The lower the LOD, the more flat and less detail the terrains would look like. So mountains may just look like a smooth bowl. But on 200 TLOD, you’ll see that the terrains has much more detail on the terrain curves on higher altitudes.

They’re all affect FPS of course, so if you reduce either LOD to get better FPS and you feel that you can live with the compromise. That’s your sweetspot.

The Lods don’t effect the quality it just that objects and and terrain get drawn further away from your position, the tree terrain and buildings setting effect the details of those items.

The terrain Lod takes more performance because in majority of cases there is more of it.

DX12 is not going to give you better performance with volumetric clouds.You’ll need a faster GPU for less performance impact and if you want to see where Terrain LOD really makes a difference try a photogrammetry city and compare to 10 to 200.

That’s right and the terrain LOD@200 is very noticeable in photogrammetry areas.Things look better at a certain altitude.

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Not the case. Cannot tell any difference on plane detail on the airbus.

This is because you’re zoomed in… Try zooming out. like when you use the “reset external view”

Both LOD’s are just draw distance. Neither has anything to do with detail or quality.

See this post/thread for more details