Why is MSFS being released on Xbox?

Have they done market research that suggested it’s a good idea or something? Maybe I’m clueless but I can’t imagine that there is much demand (if any at all) for a flight simulator on Xbox? How will people manage mods? Will they have the same access to freeware mods? I imagine that most people who have an Xbox have Xbox Gold subscriptions, so they will likely just access the game on there and not even purchase a copy, right? I just can’t see what the motivation is for it or how they will get many sales on the platform. Anecdotal of course, but all the people I’ve known who have owned Xbox have been on the more casual side of gaming and have always enjoyed more arcade style games. If someone can give some reasons that would be appreciated, because at the moment I just see it as a waste of development time that could be spent fixing the PC release.

Edit: I didn’t realise Xbox Gold doesn’t include Game Pass, my mistake. Makes sense to release and is actually great for people who don’t have the funds or technical inclination for PCs.


I am a reason to name one


Why is MSFS being released on Xbox? you ask MONEY and why would you want addons MSFS has so many great airports and scenery is ok the more that get into flight sim the better and they just may wake up and buy a PC.


Imho it is to promote the xbox. Its the old software sells hardware thing ( a little bit funny right now, I know).

There are very few “xbox only” titles out in comparison to the playstat!on or the switch.

So they need flightsimulator as an xbox exclusive title to hold against the competitors.


To increase shareholder value.


Thanks for commenting. Out of interest, do you also own, or did you previously own a PC? Have you played other Flight Sims before much?

I do own a PC, but not one stout enough to play this. Xbox Series X was cheaper than building a PC. I have played flight sims since the first ms flight sim. I took lessons when I was younger too.


There are actually a lot of casual gamers who will be quite happy to run the default aircraft in the sim and do a bit of sightseeing around the world.
As someone else said above, if they get into it in any meaningful way, they probably won’t even have to buy it for PC if they have it on Gamepass. It’s just a shame that there’s so much emphasis put on FMC based aircraft in the PC version atm. I can’t imagine it will be particularly easy to program using an Xbox controller, but who knows. More interest in our hobby isn’t a bad thing.

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Ah I see why I was so confused, Gold doesn’t include Game Pass. I thought it did. So Xbox players will still need to buy the game if they don’t have Game Pass. Makes sense. Although it still seems like Xbox players are more likely to have Game Pass given it includes Gold which they would need any to play online.

They’re doing it for the singular reason any corporation does anything.



You can connect a keyboard to Xbox, there are also small thumb keyboards that attach to the controller in between the joysticks.

Not at all fellow.
Maybe you are right on top of it.
I was already thinking about an Xbox buy untill I admitted I have no room for an display ( laptop user ) ( And the electrical power to handle both )

It is my feeling that most of the Cellphone/Android market is driven by this concept.
… Sorry , to use this app you need Android xxx.xx.x ----- only available on a new Cell ( because most manufacturers never respected their offering to update Android periodically… Initial marketing frase many years ago)

Who knows ??

Really ??


not only can you do the keyboard and mouse, but Jorg has hinted that peripherals are coming to the new Xbox’s

Yeah pretty sure all the Honeycomb stuff is already confirmed?


all I can say is I am excited, I bought my Xbox just for this sim. I will buy my yoke or hotas when they all come out and I can compare, even if the sim isn’t released yet. I am and will be ready.


I agree with you totally ! Money is another reason we have so many “Addons”… Money to both the Dev and MS. Money, Money, Money… that is really the bottom line here.

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A totally foreign concept to some it seems. /s

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I think the TA said it best… “Maybe I’m clueless”.

I think we are very far away from a release on Xbox. The developer Q&A didn’t give me the impression they have it running smooth on Xbox yet. MSFS being so heavy on the CPU and requiring good singe threaded performance doesn’t help. I understand the Xbox has a custom Zen 2 CPU running at 3,8Ghz, but i don’t know what the boost clock is of that chip.