Why is "Press any key to start" still here?

Yes, why on earth do we still have this stupid “Press any key to start” in the middle of the boot-up sequence?

  • It is by far the most voted-for change
  • To me (a previous part-time software developer) it would not seem to be a major change.
  • It would be extremely unlikely to cause problems elsewhere, unlike the other changes they’ve made.
  • Even moving it to the beginning or the end of the boot-up would be ok.

So why on earth have they set up a voting system, and then ignored the result?

As Schiller said (I believe): “Against stupidity, the Gods themselves battle in vain”!


it comes only with the premium elite jabba dabba doo version



Because I politely asked the devs to keep it in.


why would you do that?

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Microsoft will release new gamer keyboard designed for MSFS with “any” key… expected around Christmas and will also include the following keys :

“More FPS”
“More Waves”
“Dont Stall”
“Mute Betty”
etc etc etc


Because there was a reason why they did put it in.

And just because we don’t know/understand that reason, the reason/cause is probalby still existing and they will (probably) not remove it.

So please stop recreating these threads. The Devs will have heard that complaint many times and obviously decided against.


I really don’t see the issue with it, but each to their own.


Well, with the SDK comes an exe that surpass the videos and load directly to main menue to save developers time.
So whatever the reason is, it cannot be too crucial.

My bet: the devs use this exe to stsrt the sim themselves so they are not affected by the frustrstion of it and don’t consider it as important…


If we don’t know the reason we cannot judge this…
Quote: “So whatever the reason is, it cannot be too crucial.” <= is just an assumption

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Actually, they need to keep the code flow consistent with the future console release. And as a console needs this “press any button to start”, they keep it in. As easy as that.


It is more than an assumption.
There IS an .exe file that skips the whole startup routine straight to main menu, i am using it. And the sim works just the same but starts much faster.

No assumption, but first hand observation.

An assumption is, that it serves any other purpose than makimg it look lile an arcade game that always sked to “insert coin and press start” :wink:


Keep it in.

The Press start screen is video game tradition.

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You may be right, but I really can’t see any logical reason to have it there. I don’t know if anyone else can. Or perhaps Asobo themselves would actually like to explain it.

Often in software development, there is a point where you want to give the user the option to exit, rather than initiate a lengthy load etc. And often there is a time limit, after which the default action is carried out. Sometimes there will be an informative message, for example “do not disconnect your satnav until loading finished”, which needs confirmation the user understands a requirement. These pauses have logic behind them.

Having to “Press any key”, when no other option is available (for example to exit), and no necessary information is given, is a nonsense. All the you can do is tell the sim to carry on.

It takes about four minutes for my system to load the sim. That is time to do something useful, get a cup of tea, put the cat out, etc. Two periods of two minutes each is not so useful, so I generally have to sit and wait. If there is a good reason, I would accept it. If no-one (not even the developers) can tell me what this reason is, I for one will continue to push for it to be removed.

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Quote: “And the sim works just the same” <= again an assumption (you just did not notice anything… maybe because things are different in the background…)

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The amount of nonsense on this forum is starting to really upset me. I’m looking at a thread were people is so offended by the presence of an animated SPLASH SCREEN.

Ok. As Paraman said above “each to their own” :flushed:


Guys, lets not get too tied up by a single thing, that is not that important to most people (compared with other things). It has been reported, and voted, lets move on. I personally would prefer more important bugs and issue are fixed, as well as more features than this which is at most a mild annoyance, unless you personally make it more than that.

Look sometimes going on about a particular pet peeve can be extremely negative. This “noise” can end up swamping more serious issues, and if the developers, or whoever may be monitoring these forums from MS/Asobo see a lot of noise here, they may decide not to pay much attention, and we all will loose out.

OK - so move it to the logical place, immediately you start the sim. It does need something to indicate it’s running (at the moment there’s no confirmation for a minute), so this would be ideal. Hardly a novel idea.

That was a joke, my friend.


Whilst I completely understand why you are annoyed, lets have a look at this very carefully. Why does Asobo need to explain this? Is it really that serious an issue, that we need a statement from Asobo?

There is a possible reason for the Press Any Key… its for them to “show off” that video, so that people can see what they have achieved. You may see it as pointless, but devs are humans too, with emotions. They are proud of what they created, and quite deservedly, because warts and all this program is still remarkable in what its achieved. They are passionate about their work, and we want them to stay passionate, to keep on the hard work. Picking on small things like this can be very disheatening.

Lets let them have this moment, they have worked hard on this. Its not an uncommon thing. And if you wish, there is a dev mode launcher that skips the videos, if you want.

This is where we have to be a bit proportionate in our responses.

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