Why is remove "press any key to start" important?

I found something I liked on Vimeo, then I found another site that lets you convert the HTML5 into a downloadable mp4. Once I had that, I ran it through Movie Maker to remove the sound track (in case there was a conflict with the sim’s sound). Then I added a “.bak” extension to the stock mp4, renamed my own to match, and dropped it into the folder. The folder is:

Thanks! Interesting !

I think most users change focus to a second screen while the sim is loading and then when they see the “press and key to start” screen and hit a key it doesn’t work. Could it be that the focus is still on the second screen?

Honestly, I would rather Asobo work on more important fixes than something as trivial as “press any key to start”. There will be plenty of time later to take care of such minor annoyances. Besides, if you bypass the logo screens, it only takes 2 minutes to get to the main menu screen. That is hardly a long time.

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Yes. At least, that is what was happening to me.

With all the arguments going on, I think we should have a summary of the the situation.

  • The “Press any key” is useless and easy to fix (quote from Asobo)

  • Some people hate it, some people are OK with it.

  • For everyone the screen is is your face every time to start the sim (unless you use a workaround, like Asobo’s developers do). A constant reminder of something which was promised but not yet delivered.

  • On the scale of importance, it is not very high. On the scale of number of people affected, it is top. Which side of the argument you are on depends on how much weight you give to each of these.

  • It is not a question of fix this, or fix the A320neo. It could be fixed in a tea break, while the neo will not be fully fixed for months.

  • There are workarounds (eg [MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen, the one I am using).

So it no longer affects me, other than underlining the fact that enthusistic users can achieve results quicker than Asobo. And therein, I believe, lies the future of FS2020.


I don’t think it’s a huge task for them. I think it involves some idiot with a high position in the hierarchy who had this very dumb idea and doesn’t want to admit he was stupidly wrong when he asked for this “feature”.
Because the only reason it exists is to allow time for “look at my cool waiting videos”.

If you remove the button, that means you have to remove the videos as well and replace them with a few stills, which frankly would be a good thing since they take up space in already huge downloads. They probably take up the bulk of the 600+ Mb of the lobby when it should really take 60 Mb or less. But if Asobo really wants to keep them, all they have to do is add in the options a switch “skip startup videos”.

It’s not justified at all. This complaint is simply a silly meme and the usual suspects who love to clog this forum with negativity are using it as another excuse to irrationally bash Asobo.

The truth of the matter is simply that plans in game development change, and if anyone isn’t aware of that, this must be their first rodeo.

It likely slid to a following patch because its importance was considered negligible, and it is.

The moment you realize adults whine about having to press a button is the moment you get further evidence of how low some in this “community” can go.

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This has nothing to do with the extra press of the button - nothing at all. Most of us are using Ambitious pilots MSFS starter which fixes it anyway. What this has to do with is:

  1. The CEO not having a clue!
  2. PC Vs console related issues (there are many and it seems that console is taking preference)
  3. The rather worrying conclusion that if issues like this are so hard to fix - what are we to expect with the more complex problems that exist - AP, ATC, CTD etc.

The OP was absolutely spot on with his post - the title could have been better - why is the inability to fix “press any key to start” so worrying?

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I love how its seen as an “inability to fix” when in all likelihood its just further down a list and not a priority…

I for one would not allow my developers to waste time on this when there are more important issues, even if i screwed up and said it in public when i should not.

It’s more about confidence.

There are a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of people who see some questionable design decisions in this sim, curious choices of UI models that suggest a certain level of inexperience. The ‘press any key’ is just the first one you notice and it is, most definitely, unnecessary. Many don’t see why it was put in in the first place and when you’re told it’s simple to remove it, they already have removed it in their dev versions (apparently Asobo devs think it’s unnecessary as well) and that it’ll be removed in the next patch…the one before this one…and it’s still present…

Can ya see why some people are losing confidence in Asobo’s ability to do anything right at all?


Whether it should or should not have been there - the request to dispense with “press any key to start” was the number one (by quite a margin) request from the community. If it were an easy fix - it would have been done. The fact that it is NOT an easy fix is worrying. So I beg to differ :slight_smile:

Or a manager decided otherwise for the time being and prioritized it down the list… but you can see your assumption as fact as you like.
Having had to do this balancing act myself in a small developer, with a big development house breathing down your neck and putting on their own pressure, i will go with my experience.


The game takes a long time to load, and I can see people being annoyed with having to take some action during that long time.

The bigger issues for me - regardless of my feelings on the issue and it’s priority - is that it was stated in the feedback summary that it would be included in Update 4. Prior to that, the devs made statements about how easy it would be to implement.

The excuse that it was a typo frankly falls flat for me. With all the trumpeting about transparency, the feedback summary has to go through multiple reviews at MS and Asobo before it gets released to the public. So what really happened? I’d love to know.

This calls into question the entire contents of every feedback summary. Is it real information, or is it just shiny baubles to placate us long enough to get the XBox version out so MS can recoup some of their $$$$ before they pull the plug on further major development? How do I know we will really get Garmin fixes in Update 9, as promised?

This patch was a chance to restore some trust after the prior patches added major issues to the game, and leaving out an item that was promised with an excuse that “it was a typo”…that doesn’t build trust.

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I have a sneaky suspicion it’s a decision made my management or marketing to show off their pretty graphics that are higher end than you can actually get in the game. Devs spoke saying it was easy to remove and they don’t have it on internal builds, and it would be removed next patch. They added it to the road map to be removed. At the last minute, said marketing / management folks caught wind of it and put a hard stop to its removal. Patch notes weren’t updated in time. Once the SHTF online at it still being there, there needed to be damage control, so they came up with the “it was a typo” story for the unsuspecting forum modes to dissiminate.

It would be very easy to write a small message in the patch-notes with: Sorry, but this or that went wrong and we will remove it in the next patch.

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WHO CARES ABOUT HAVING TO PRESS AN EXTRA KEY THAT TAKES 1/10 OF A SECOND??? Let’s fix the real issues. I can’t believe anyone would think this is important in context to the major “bugs”.! Unbelievable!

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By the way, that was pretty funny… Thx!


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Small tip: If somebody with javascript/Coherent knowledge wants to patch something up take a look at @fs-base-onboarding calls in Packages\fs-base-onboarding\html_ui\Pages.

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