Why is Tibet so empty?

Tibet has barely any location and it’s a pity because it could offer so many great vfr experiences, just look at those lakes and glaciers.

Have you tried zooming in?


Well, in real life, it’s a pretty undeveloped region. I think there are only 5 airports in the whole place.


It isn’t just underdeveloped, it is a poor place for flying. Much of it is 15,000 ft+ above sea level. You aren’t going to be sight-seeing in a Cessna.

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Yes and there is nothing. As you can see the south east region has some location marked while the nagqu region, home to half a million inhabitants, is empty.

For comparison look at how many more the little corsica has or the falkland and patagonia region and at this level of zoom, the same for every screen as you can see, some of the points represent more than a location. For these two screens i deactivated any airport.

I’ll post the screens in other posts because of forum rules.

it’s a wonderful place look at this.

ecosia DOT org/images?q=nagqu&tt=dccf112d

It would suffice even the simple coordinate points you find in the middle of the ocean, just something to plot and save a plan.

I have to admit, it’s still rather undelevoped in the sim. Even rivers are not correctly rendered in many places, changing course angularly at regular intervals. Hopefully this can be addressed but- I don’t see it as a priority.