Why MSFS graphic is so poor compared to other sim?

Is anybody else experiencing same poor perfromance?
My PC is a 10900K with an RTX3090, 32GB of RAM and I use Oculus Rift S.
When playing Aerofly FS2 and DCS in VR, picture is so crisp and clear while with MSFS everything looks like in low resolution, washed out and sort of “blurry”.
I tried so many different settings but I never had a quality similar to other sims.
I am just trying to understand if this is only for me or if others have the same issue.
Many thanks.

It sounds like something wrong with your install/setup but not sure what it would be. Might check you don’t have other stuff running in the background that could steal cycles, check your motherboard drivers are up to date, your video driver is up to date, etc.

About all I can tell you is my system is of similar spec but I’m running a Reverb G2 and no problems.

Over the last few updates the graphics have been dumbed down quite a bit.
Talk is they are trying to make the transition to XBOX coming this summer

The need to be able to run this on xbox has caused the LOD to be reduced there are quite a few posts about this LOD problem and people are not happy. This sim at this point looks like garbage Blurry Blurry Blurry 10900K 6900 xt 32gb 3800 speed ram full custom loop cooling Reverb G2

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This is just a speculation that has been actually proven to be false in the last Asobo video when they compared footage from the MSFS official trailed at launch and right now.


So do a search for LOD and quite a few people including me have seen a BIG difference from 4 months ago. They are not only doing this for the xbox platform but a whole lot of people have Walmart computers and complain when they have problems running the sim.

No matter what anyone tells me i can see a big difference in lower LOD

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I can definitely see the difference between before with a mod and now! Yes, I think too many people got used to the mods before. It is a pitty the mod does not work anymore.

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You are right… BTW… Just installed a brand new 6900 xt also added a BYKSKI full waterblock everything runs beautiful Until i fire up MSFS 5 min at best BOOM crash to desk top. 2,000 Dollars and crash to desktop…

I now see this is a problem with a lot of people running AMD cards but the card i was using before was a Radeon VI and it run with no problems at all

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I got 3080 and no issues. I hope they will fix AMD issues ASAP so everyone can enjoy.


Nvidia drivers are so much better then Radeon drivers

The only reason i am with AMD is because i am able to have the Adrenalin software recognize my G2 as another monitor. This allows me to adjust the color of MSFS so when i fly everything looks amazing. Lowering Brightness makes a big difference in the sim plus i can adjust color saturation and the sim looks gorgeous except for everything now looking blurry

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what are you talking about ? This thing is a tech marvel of the decade to come


i have a 6800xt nitro plus s.e with no problems and the latest drivers

I can’t really comment for the Rift S, but the resolution and sharpness in my G2 can be just as good as DCS World, but for performance reasons, I have render scaling dialed down in the sim and in OpenXR (with Oculus I believe it’s the debug/tray tool?) to get smooth fps. I don’t really find the sim blurry but I guess it depends on what you are looking at, there are some blurry details inherent in some of the textures particularly photogrammetry and aerial images.

All of this is offset with the graphical capabilities of the sim. The sim looks absolutely gorgeous even if it can look blurry or washed out in parts. You pay a price for this graphical fidelity in VR of course even on your rig but hopefully, that will improve a lot when the DX12U update is supported once the Xbox release has come out.

I agree not trying to put this sim down… Been flying x plane for many many years
since MSFS came out i do not even fly x plane anymore.

All i am complaining about is if you give me one thing then switch it for something less I’m going to ■■■■■. Because i have seen what this sim is capable of and it is not as good as it was before. LOD has been reduced and that makes the sim not look as good as it did

I’m running on a 6 year old built pc:

ASUS Maximus Hero VIII
i7 6700k
32 GB
Dedicated 1TB Samsung EVO SSD for MSFS

It runs so well and looks so much better, I have to FORCE myself to have a reason to fly my other sims which are still installed on their own SSDs:

X-Plane 11

MSFS graphics blows them all away combined. It’s literally not even close.


If you “just try to understand” maybe try to get less rude topic titles in future…

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I agree that Rift S is not the top in VR but my comparision was with other sims that looks very sharp and brilliant. Actually I am planning to upgrade to a G2 in future and hopefully MSFS with DX12 will look at its best.

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Stop talking ■■■■, nothing wrong with the graphics on msfs, its as good as ever if not better, instead of thrashtalking msfs just leave or just fix your computer, i have a 2070 super and use a combination of Ultra/High. just go back to the Xplane camp you came from.

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What do you mean by “rude”? I don’t see anything rude in the title.

I am glad for you. I cannot say the same for me.

Anyway, just to make clear, I am talking about VR, VIRTUAL REALITY. On my monitor MSFS is great and those “poor graphic performance” are referred to VR ONLY!