Why so many Trees?

In my home Area North Germany are like 100% to much Trees, even Citys are full of them.

Its complete nonsens and dont match the Bing or other Maps.


“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.”
― Kahlil Gibran


yea in asobos scifi world we live the green earth


We’ve noticed that Trees are back in the landscape and so much more as well.
We just flew over Bristol Zoo and could almost see what the Chimps were having for Supper.
Hat’s off to those Clever Clogs Asobo Guy’s who put in the time to remedy the Bing Maps issue.
Good Night Garack and everyone else who’s Bedtime it is in this part of the World.
We’re looking forward to some great flying tomorrow.


Doesn’t surprise me. There has been no Germany world update (WU) yet.

Trees are put by MSFS where trees are allowed, according to AI rules. When there is soil… and the ground is not used for farm land or buildings, or middle of the road, there can be trees. So you get a lot of trees.

When Germans in Germany prevent trees from growing in certain places, MSFS cannot know that. To solve your tree issue in Northern Germany, a WU for Germany is needed, taking cultural habits into account. Correct things manually.

Put up a Zendesk ticket, I would say. Your input will be welcome.

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There is always room for more trees. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes, I’m joking. :blush:
(with apologies to Scott Adams)


nice info, thanks…hey ASOBO instead of making fake forest to the World how you put not Trees in the Unknown Tile, just leave it be…

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its asobo’s new Bob Ross algorithm. they went to town with the happy accidents and just drew so many ■■■■ trees.


Can you post a screenshot and exact location as an example?

Yes, Hamburg EDDH:

Bing Maps:

btw: the zoom in image looks like the city is destroyed-Thanks for the Xbox port…

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Yea I have trees set to Low and grass set to ultra

it’s blackshark wrong generation i guess, and i think it’s will improvement

afaik trees settings don’t change quantity, but only quality

Looks more realistic this way.

Trees = Low
Grass = Ultra

Hey, Garack666, instead of being permanently negative around here and ridiculing asobo, why don’t you say something nice, once in a while, or just nothing at all, if there’s nothing meaningful to say? The dev bashing is getting old.


Supported by greenpeace :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UK could do with a few lumberjack skills - on top of the high mountains (UK doesnt go that high) but above 2000 ft theres rarely any trees IRL but in-game some of the lake district, scotland and welsh mountain ranges have inappropriate foliage. Theres also the random plantations that congregate at the ends of some sensitive, often urban runways that present more of a challenge but IRL would have been choppe for kindling several years ago.

So, what I’ve found is that, in photogrammetry areas, The algorithm puts trees on top of the the photogrammetry trees (because they are so absolutely ugly?). So, what happens is the PG trees are already too much, and, then to cover them, they put even more trees than the PG trees, so, you end up with wayyyy more trees than you should have.

Personally, I’d like to see them instead, NOT put PG trees in (really, you can’t tell what a PG tree is so they just don’t show up at all? I don’t believe that. Just remove all the green things worst case, jeepers). And then be more judicious with the trees you put in where the PG trees would have gone. I was going to submit a Zendesk ticket on it, but, I don’t think I’ve gotten around to it.

An excellent example is the neighborhood I grew up in. In any satellite photo, you can see the streets and homes in the neighborhood. But, in MSFS, the neighborhood is completely hidden by trees for the exact reason I said above.

Here’s a Satellite photo from 2019 (neighborhood has changed much in 50 years)

This is what it looks like in the sim

Here, I’ve removed the vegetation but left the PG

And here, I’ve suppressed the PG, too.

There is zero reason to have PG trees. Maybe if you’re at 10,000 ft? and suppress the vegetation at that point. But, this is ridiculous when I’m flying along at 8,000 ft or less. Not to mention all those extra trees on top of the PG trees is tons of graphics objects that are likely killing performance. Vegetation in these areas should be one veg tree per PG tree, and no PG trees.


And yet I find Garack666’s posts in this thread a LOT more useful and informative than yours. What useful info did you actually provide with your post?

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“i don’t think i’ll ever see a poem as lovely as a tree”

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