Wide FOV HMD support


Asobo: Can a bump be considered for “wide fov support planned for 2023” to say late 2022? Many users see that as anytime 2023 which could be October 2023, 20 months from the commitment, which feels like incomparably long time. Politely I ask, can an accelerated road map be considered? It almost felt as if it was being said: “were not touching that highly voted idea until next year”


I agree.
(bet this thread is merged)

We’d better stay in the main thread with that. Not that it will be closed and the topic is suddenly off the table. :wink:
Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)- - Virtual Reality (VR) / VR Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Btw, are non-WFOV users finaly starting to realize that their problems (only one eye reflections, shadows, ice, rain, volumetric lighting, etc.) are directly related??

Ah, I still don’t think so. :frowning:

Apologies. Feel free to merge thought I was commenting the main thread.

Started a “bump” thread for wide fov support.