Will buy Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe with game pass after Cancelled Game Pass


will buy $95.99 Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe with game pass next month after Cancelled game pass will lost my play Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe buy $119.99 again?

I think you need to check ask Microsoft/Xbox Gamepass because I think this was an issue. I don’t know if it now has been fixed or something has come of it, but some lost the ability to play.

I suspect that will $95.99 version will add the premium deluxe planes to gamepass but only when gamepass is valid and paid up for the month.

Check with Microsoft before buying.

Hi Luis,
If you buy the premium deluxe and you cancel game pass, you will not be able to play MSFS. You need an active game pass subscription.

If you want to buy MSFS (not game pass version) the cost is $119 USD

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Hi All,

I wondered the exact same thing and hope I didn’t screw up. I got the ‘Game Pass for PC’ for $1 for the first month as a kind of trial of MSFS, decided I did want to own it, and then bought Premium Deluxe from the MS store for $95.99 (20% off for Game Pass subscribers). It’s true I haven’t yet cancelled my Game Pass, but from everything I’m reading, when I do, I’ll still have access to the full MSFS Premium Deluxe.

MS is a bit unclear on this exact point, but they do offer the Game Pass discount as a way to ‘own’ the game. It would be very odd for them to do that if owning the game also required being a Game Pass member. Why buy it then (at least while it’s still on the Game Pass)? You may think ‘because I want the Premium Deluxe content and that’s not available on the Game Pass version of MSFS’. However, note they also offer that same 20% discount for the Standard Edition (it’s $47.99 with the pass). In none of their language do they clarify that when they say you’ll ‘own’ the game, that you must also remain a member to access it.

It seems some people that had problems may have bought an upgrade ONLY to the base, standard game that’s part of the Game Pass (maybe through the in-game marketplace?). In that case, it makes sense that they’d lose access to the game – the upgrade is a kind of DLC on top of the base. What MS is selling in the store (outside the game) as the MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe is the complete game and I expect (really hope :slight_smile: ) that I’ll keep that once I cancel my pass.

Further reading about this exact issue:

Good luck (for you and me :slight_smile: )!

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You can cancel just fine. This is exactly the way I bought premium deluxe half a year ago. Just snatched the discount while using the 1$ Game Pass trial (which I canceled immediately even before buying MSFS). In hindsight I regret going the Windows Store route though. I should have bought it from Steam, where I bought all other games so far (and thus can play them on Linux).


I trailed MSFS first on game pass. I also took advantage of the reduced price while on the game pass. I bought the premium delux version. My game pass has expired and I don’t use it anymore. I still have what I paid for with MSFS - Premium delux without restrictions.

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I have/purchased the Premium Deluxe “FULL” version, not the “UPGRADE” and paid $95 for it. I also have the ultimate Game Pass(GP) for my Xbox/s.

I called MS before I purchased MSFS for PC and asked the same question. They said I was fine that if I were to cancel my subscription to Ultimate GP I will still continue/keep my MSMF Premium Deluxe PC of MSFS. I even have a reference number if I need to dispute it in case.

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