Will many Simmers switch to Xbox in the long term?

Id say that if you really like the sim, then PC will have more room to expand on it with addons outside of the marketplace, plus you will get extra in the graphics department and multi-screen. VR maybe? xbox not so much (at least for now). I would sell both and get a pc as close as possible to the recommended specs or above.

I can see this sim was built for Xbox, the freedom to roam the earth from your lounge on a huge 4K TV in perfect weather without needing any knowledge of how to fly. I think it will be very successful.
I may be wrong, but looking at the specs and pics of the Xbox X, I can’t see where or how I would connect my VR headset, motion platform, buttkickers, MFDs, etc, so I guess I’m stuck with PC.
I also fly other sims, particularly DCS, which isn’t on Xbox.


If I could do everything on pc I could on xbox I’d never bother with a pc ever again.

Since I can’t and probably never will then I’m stuck on pc. I’d prefer not to be.


This requires SimConnect, which uses TCP to communicate. TCP is implicitly blocked by Xbox at a hardware level. That’s why there’s no SimConnect. No SimConnect, no 3rd party tools…

It would be easier to switch to XBox if the sidesticks and such were compatible, but most don’t seem to be compatible at the moment.

I am not switching to xbox, PC will be ahead already next year and after in continuous, MSFS will use the latest tech possible and have more option. Already on PC , there will be option to control LOD Pop\ culling.“Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

About the only thing I use Xbox for is to play GTA5 and streaming on my tv. I know GTA5 is on pc too but there are too many hackers on pc that can mess with you. I don’t have the new Xbox x series because of two reasons. They aren’t readily available where I live in the stores. I refuse to pay more than retail online. So I won’t be getting one anytime soon it looks like anyway.

For me:
No VR? No XBox.

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Not on your nelly.
I have been a pc enthusiast since 1998.
I update every 12 months.
Intel i9 10900 kf, palit 3090 gamingpro, 32 gb corsair vengeance.
Do you think that I would give this powerhouse up for an xbox x?
I thought not :wink::+1:


I have a PS4, i’l almost never touched it, it sits in my bedroom now for streaming movies
like Netflix and Prime etc. No for me its always PC

Yes I’m likely to use the Xbox version much more.

I’ve been playing flight games since the 80s, starting on the ZX Spectrum. Had Flight Sim 2 on my Atari ST back when 10fps was a dream.

My PC upgrades were usually timed around new MSFS releases. I’ve flown every version since 2. I even used to write about the franchise as part of my job.

But I’m happy to sit in the lounge and create flight plans and fly them in my lounge on the big TV.

I’m too old for the childish hardware wars, the SU5 is literally unplayable nonsense, trying to measure manhood by hardware rig.

It’s a videogame. A really good videogame. Enjoy have fun. Let go. Chill.


PC is already ahead.

The (desktop equivent AMD) components in the Xbox were launched in 2019 and designed before that.

Intel moves to a new socket this year with Alder Lake release which is rumoured to have a 20% performance improvement. (Intel no longer sitting on their hands and now “gloves off” it seems)
AMD move to a new socket in 2022 - although if Alder Lake really is that good I wonder if they will postpone to squeeze more performance from their next gen.
Both these socket shifts bring a lot more other stuff to the table including DDR5

So yes… already within the next 6 months the PC will make the largest generational performance shift it has seen since about 2014

I like consoles…I buy and play on consoles, but I’ve never been foolish enough to expect a device that’s squeezed into a shoebox and designed at least 2 years before it hits the market to be in any way near as good as a well built, current tech gaming PC.



Oh, posts must be at least 10 characters.

No, they will not.

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Very unlikely.

Apart from anything else I have a fair bit of hardware which only runs on the PC. Given the cost of replacing this for something similar to work on the Xbox plus the extra cost of an Xbox I may as well just keep on updating my PC every 4 years or so.

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If you are a hardcore simmer console will be a toy for you. E.g FSX + Addons, P3D + Addons, X-Plane 11 + Addons. If you just fly and look out of the glass while flying it may be enough for you.

I mean, i am flying with LOD 5 now, 3 years later we probably have same consoles, but will have 2nd Next Generation of CPU’s and GPU’s. If the news are true even next gen GPU’s will be 2x better than current ones. (of course pinch of salt here).

This is why i always say “I hope Asobo and Microsoft keep their promise of 10 year development and transform this thing into a good piece of software”. This is just 1st year and thinking about other simulator histories 1 year is nothing.

TL:DR. No. :smiley:

No, and if the scenary does continue to decline, i’ll be off to the next sim or back to DCS.

I switched from PC to the Xbox console after my alienware PC died but had both for a while, Xbox 360, Xbox One etc. I used to specialise in I.T data communications, was always building and upgrading equipment but now I am older prefer the lower costs, low maintenance and ease of use of a console. I have played all versions of MS Flight Simulator but never considered myself a ‘Simmer’. I doubt I will ever go back to PC. And with the future being Netflix style cloud gaming, may not even need a console.


No, and for one reason only. Xbox does not support SimConnect.

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This right here is where consoles shine over PC gaming. Where consoles lose out is just outright power, performance, and tailoring to one’s individual experience.

For those who just want to play the game, they will probably shift to console. For those of us looking for a more comprehensive experience, we’ll stay on PC.

Well…not me at the moment because the game is gimped on PC.


Never surrender! It is a simulation not a game , xbox for games many ££££ for PC and simulation, dont send me back to x plane please!

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