Will we see a runway wear?

And all of it added on the runway dynamically. Same runway will never look same all the time. And some of it added randomly when we first load in to the airport. Sometimes it will be much sometimes it’s less.

That’s a mole infestation. :slight_smile:

I made quite the study on choosing between Zinertek or Rex and Zinertek really nailed it when I saw comparisons on different websites (this one included).

No offence to Rex (loved your stuff in FSX). But check our for yourselves if you’re considering these great addons.

I hope in the future MSFS has Russian style ramps and taxiways with the slab style construction.
And also the atmospheric abandoned Russian airports with these kinds of textures and vegetation.


Runways don’t really change that much though. Perhaps you’d only notice after a runway has been refreshed or repaved, or perhaps if you hadn’t been to an airport for a year or more.

I agree though, this sim needs to look quite a bit more DIRTY and USED. Everything is new, and IRL it definitely is not.

That’s just a matter of texturing. Hopefully we’ll get some of these soon!

Lots of places in Asia, especially Vietnam, has slab style runways - although a few of them now are being replaced. They make for a bumpy ride that’s for sure.

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I like them a lot :smiley: and I like the weeds and stuff I saw in some airports when I flew around in parts of Asia. I like the rumble bass of the bumps as the plane taxies and you see the wing and engine hanging over like thick grass, weeds and bushes aha. Its hard to explain, a certain atmosphere and feeling of adventure it gives vs a super duper pristine airport.


Just bought Zinertek, going to give it a try in comparison to REX.


It would be good though if all the airports get some random dirt/rubber and from there it can build up slowly and then the state get saved until next time we visit the airport again. Only random the first time we visit it. I think that is how the randomly generated buildings work. Because the generated houses looks the same until a new worldupdate are released. I think that is saved on a server or something. Maybe that would require some extreme amount of recoding though, i don’t know. Would be varied that way everywhere we fly. Now it looks almost the same everywhere. Or maybe use blackshark AI to pruduce the asphalt taken from the real maps and generate it based of realworld.

Perhaps it would be more feasible for the AI to determine how much wear is on a runway and do that. I can’t see them making a database of each environment with an ‘age’ variable per item in that environment.

Now for aircraft that is definitely possible, but would need the sim to record a history of you being on snow/dirt/grass etc. Currently they’re all brand new aircraft.

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I think they could use some technology from forza motorsport if they implement rubbering in that game.

something like this.

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Wonder how that would work? Will they keep an internal counter for the number of AI planes/multiplayer planes landed at an airport? Or just your own landings?

I would prefer all of it counted :slight_smile: But the state could be saved locally on our computers. Would be even better to have it serverbased and everyone see the same rubbering and dirt :slight_smile:

I’m curious about what you think! Please let us know.

Who would clean such a runway then?! :wink:

I’d rather see airports in the sim (amongst having accurate taxiway designators as a start) show accurate closures (runways, taxiways etc), construction works if possible which could include closures for runway cleaning. NOTAMs are standardised and possibly could have this information picked out by the AI.

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It could have a limit and then resets itself. But it should not build up superfast. Only that we get a small variation on every aiports i think would be good.

I agree with you those things you mentioning are more important. I only give some advice how it could be implemented in the future though :slight_smile:

I have created a comparison post.

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That is exactly what i mean and want in the msfs 2020

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I bought the Rex Global Airport Textures a while ago and can say, this is worth the costs. It adds so much to the appearance of airports.

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