Will Xbox series x version get better

Will the Xbox series x Verizon get better you think? Or is it maxed out?

Better in what ways?

Visually it looks great already, it will get better as the devs learn to use the system.

As far as content, we will never be at the same amount as PC as anyone can create add ons

Peripherals same, we will never see as many options.

So I guess depends on what you want?

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I still notice that the photogrammetry is still not right. The buildings look dis colored and bad. And I also feel like frame rates have dropped. What fo you think?

For visuals consider getting the enhanced graphics pack from marketplace for airport textures. Ot is much more realistic.

The fall winter tree pack is also nice.

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I have not updated to latest, will do that tonight.
My FPS are great! I get 80-105 FPS
The photogrammetry varies based on location but overall I am happy.

Will test the new update and let you know.

As note I am running on 4K with HDR on.
Make sure VRR (variable refresh rate) is OFF in your Xbox settings as that will make it look worse.

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I notice that the flickering white lines on the ground (clearly noticeable on runways att dusk/dawn) is gone. This was the one thing that got me from flying at night.

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I have VRR on, will need to try with it off. What output freq do you have set 50hz, 60hz or 120hz?
Also how do you count your fps on XBox?

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I hope they are gone, they were very annoying. Will go have a look later.

I am wondering - without VRR FPS is fixed to 30FPS. With VRR on its uncpapped.

I have tried VRR on and off, with it on I get more screen flicker in this game. Oddly it’s suppose to smooth it out. I am going to turn it on again and see if it’s better after this update or not. My tv in VRR allows me to see the FPS. Which after the new release jumped up to 90-120 fps or at least that is what the meter shows ha ha
My tv is set to 120hz as is my Xbox

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But you need HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of it.

Thanks.Must give these settings a try. My 48" OLED is 120Hz compatible so will give it a try. I’ve had the XBox on 60Hz VRR since bought with no issues. Don’t know about fps in TV but will check to see if I can find out. I wish M/S would come up with recommended XBox video settings for FS to optimise graphical performance. We are all just left experimenting.

my 77oled shows the FPS - in 120hz mode it flows between 40 - 120 fps, depend on the scene.

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Even though my TV can do 4K 120Hz VRR, I just leave it at 4K 60Hz with VRR off. I’ve noticed that VRR can create some unpleasant flickering in certain conditions and the 120Hz mode, although uncapped, can create a bit more stuttering especially when flying into big cities. For me 4K 60Hz with VRR off seems to be more stable. Might just be me though.

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Afaia… ‘without’ a VRR enabled TV, msfs is locked @30fps.

With a TV that has VRR…
It’s the VRR of the TV that’s actually refreshing quicker, than the amount of frames the xbox can put out.

I found the same for me but I am going to try again with the new update and turn it back on. It’s suppose to work with the game and keep it from stuttering and tearing.
My tv has HDMI 2.1 ports so i am set up for it.
Bottom line what looks best on a particular tv that is what should be used.

that is siad. so what ?

This explains it better than me
“ frame rate of a game constantly changes depending on the amount of processing going on: a less busy part of a game might run at a relatively consistent frame rate of, say, 50fps (although in reality this number will almost always fluctuate a bit), but a sudden explosion could see the console have to suddenly work much harder and the frame rate drop to 30fps or even lower. These constant and sudden changes in frame rate can cause stutter and tearing on displays that run at static refresh rates - which is pretty much all of them.

That’s where VRR comes in. A TV that supports VRR will dynamically match its refresh rate to the frame rate of the game, keeping pace with all of these changes. The result is smoother, more consistent gameplay.”

So it’s suppose to be better with VRR on but some of us have seen flickering. But could have been the game coding as well. I have also read some place to keep ot off. Ha ha, now we are all confused again.

Sry, I’m not sure what you’re asking.

i am not asking - i am stattet.