Win 11 22H2 drop FPS

it seems, that the combination Nvidia and the new Windows 11 update has a negative impact on the FPS. I hope a fix will follow soon.

Uninstall the 22H2 updates, it seems to of made a difference here on win 10, though its to early to make a final decision on this.

Others have reported nvidia ge force experience overlay issue with this windows release try removing it if you have it installed.


Here’s what’s weird. I used the assistant to upgrade From WIn10 to Win 11 22H2 before the SU10 update. It installed and worked fine but there are some things MS still hasn’t fixed, nothing graphics related. I decided to go back to 10 before the update. Updated to SU10. This morning I decided to give Win11 another shot. The upgrade assistant now says that my hardware isn’t compatible. Not sure if it’s the Nvidia thing or not. Weird.

I ran win 11 on an unsupported machine for awhile it was nothing to write home about. Tried it on a supported machine got the same impression.

I highly doubt that a Nvidia driver could be related to this. I would check in your bios and make sure tpm is still enabled. Then reboot and try again if you really have to have win11.

That is exactly the reason I uninstalled the GForce Experience about a year ago and never looked back.


I’ve left it installed for driver updates, but disabled the overlay. That may be enough as I think it was the overlay causing the FPS issue for people. I do miss having a color correction filter though.


I posted a fair few weeks back about an issue with the Geforce overlay causing problems.
I don’t use it very often I was just checking the CPU/GPU usage and FPS.
If I tried that it would stutter like mad and continue for about 30 seconds after I turned it off.

But I do use the Geforce experience for the excellent freestyle filters and it still works fine for those. Just use ALT + F3 to get the filters instead of bringing up the full overlay and you can continue to use the filters. No need to disable the entire overlay.

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Yes I have to have the detail filter otherwise the cockpit is way too dark to see.

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I’ll keep this in mind thanks.

I’m using HDR and HDR10 on my TV and so I don’t have the same issues some are reporting with dark cockpits in SU10.

One other point I’ll mention about 22H2 that I noticed is that it enabled VRR (variable refresh rate) by default for me. I have my system locked at 30FPF/60Hz so was confused seing my FPS float between 26 and 33. I found the VRR setting and turned it off and am now on a nice steady 30FPS as I prefer. Worth checking if you weren’t expecting VRR to be there or indeed enabled by default. Depending of course on whether your card or display support this newer tech syncing. (My oled TV does).

I have Windows 11, but I’m still on 21H2. I’ve not had the option to download 22H2 yet.

Can you still use filters without GeForce Experience installed? It’s the only reason I have it installed.

You need geforce experience to use the filters but you don’t need to use any of the features that are currently causing problems.
Don’t use the game optimisation options or use the overlays and you should be fine.

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I never use Geforce Experience.(I don’t have it installed) And my flight sim is a stutter show. I reverted the Windows 11 update, and it’s still a stutter show. For me, it appears the SU10 update made the sim unplayable. Lucky me!.


I have unistalled GForce Experience around 6 months ago, I saw an improvement in FPS in games, and by this reason and because in fact I don’t need GForce Experience for nothing I never looked back. When I want to know if a new GPU driver I can check on the site (and in fact I receive a newsletter from NVIDIA each time a new driver is available).

Check this other post for a fix:


Are you CPU mainthread limited when you look in dev mode?

FWIW having stalled 22H2 my CPU usage in FS2020 was unusually low and the boost speed was ~400hz lower than normal as per this link…

Having rolled it back things are back as they were and fps is about 10-15% higher.

The game was perfectly playable with 22H2 installed however.

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It’s strange that some people are seeing this dramatic slowdown and other not. Must be a clue there somewhere. CPU dependent? I’ve got AMD CPU and nvidia gpu, and have had no issues. Maybe its a reason why nvidia game ready drivers have not been released yet.