Win 11 Update causing stutters?

Today’s Win 11 Update (09/20/22) seems to be causing severe stuttering for me. Anyone else? I have made no other changes, additions, etc. Have never had any stutters before. Tried lowering render settings from 90 to 80, but no difference. If I move my head at all from left to right, get a black image for about a second. Frame rates when looking ahead 35-40, but if I move my head, rates drop to 8-10 and then go back up. Using i9-9900, RTX 2080 super, HP Reverb G2. As I said, I have always had butter smooth VR since the beginning and made no changes whatsoever. Any ideas?


You could try uninstalling that update, then re-test.

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I am having the same problem terrible stuttering. It was fine before the windows update.

Go into Add/Remove Programs, at the top left there is a link to view installed updates. Find the recent update, right click on it, and see if the option to uninstall it is there.

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Run DISM and SFC.

I have installed today’s Windows updates on 2 of my 4 machines, one running Win11, and one running Win10.

So far, both of them had corrupted system files after the updates, which SFC was able to repair.

I’m pretty sure I will have the same corruption issue when I finish updating may other 2 Win11 rigs tomorrow.

Flying with the W11 update as we speak. No issues so far. (SU10 Beta)

I am having the same problem with w11 update.

mine was fixed with new nvidia studio driver

I rolled back my update and it is ok again. If anyone finds a better work around I would love to know, I am also on an I9 9900, RTX 2080 Super, HP Reverb G2

Me too - I just installed the Win11 update, loaded FS2020 and now have severe stutters in VR. It is also running slow outside of VR too. I was silky smooth prior to the update. I’ll wait for the release of SU10 and the new nvidia driver but if that doesn’t fix it, I guess it’ll be a rollback on the Win11 update for me.

I’m running an i9-12900KF, RTX3070, HP Reverb G2

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Didn’t want to roll back the Win 11 update, so decided to wait and see if the SU10 update tomorrow has any effect. It rolls out at 5:00 a.m. here in Hawaii, so before I update I should have a chance to read some feedback from others who will have already done it. I do plan to upgrade to an RTX 3080ti soon, but I don’t think that would help this problem. I plan to run SFC shortly to see what effect it has. Thank you, everyone!!

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Same here using windows 10 beta and its was smooth for the last few weeks. . Everything is a slide show. Even the world screen has bad performance. I’m reinstalling MSFS and then the official update tomorrow . If that and Nvidia don’t fix the issue Ill try rolling back.

There have been numerous complaints about this pre build/ beta on the forum when using VR, I was honestly hoping MS would resolve before going live with it. I think I’ll hold off any Windows 11 update until I get a good benchmark with SU10

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So I tried a few things with the new Win11 22H2 update, including running DISM and SFC (no issues found) and installing the new NVidia driver 517.40 but none of those things helped the FS stutter issues in either VR or standard mode. The stutters on panning particularly were terrible after 22H2.

So I decided to bite the bullet and rollback the 22H2 update to the previous Win11 build - and everything is back to how it was. Super smooth in both standard and VR modes.

Not sure why the 22H2 update has caused some performance problems on a few machines including mine; I’ll guess I’ll just wait a few weeks before trying it again and keeping an eye on the forums to see if others have problems.

I am having the same problem with w11 update. Have now uninstalled the update Win11 22H2 and the problems with the jerking are fixed.

Prozessor Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.60 GHz
Installierter RAM 64.0 GB (63.9 GB verwendbar)
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

Same problem here, installed the windows 11 22h2 update yesterday and since then all games are unusable, low fps and stutters in every game. In MSFS i get 120ms Rdrthread when panning the camera

I9 10900k
Rtx 3080
32gb ram

Windows insiders have been reporting this issue for months, very disappointing that the issue is still there with the official release

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Is it possible to download a older version of windows 11? The system recovery point doesnt work :smiling_face_with_tear:

I had this issue with the RC insider build of the update.

Installing the latest beta build as a windows insider fixed it for me.

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I have updated to 22H2, but didn’t try running MSFS though, good that I have USb stick with pre 22H2 win11 instalation.
Will try later today and report. Don’t expect to be any different from what you guys alreday reported.