Windows 11 hurts AMD Ryzen performance even more than we thought

I know there is a thread on Windows 11, but this impacts Ryzen owners specifically. An increase in L3 cache latency between 3 and 6 times with higher core count Ryzen processors being hardest hit.

I won’t be using Win 11 anytime soon.

From PC world:


I’m on 11, have a 3800X and am very happy with what I’m getting now so it’s good to know I’ll be getting a boost further down the line. Not that I’ve noticed any drop in fps anyway, just an increase in smoothness so I guess this fix is more for the shooters etc.


Not feeling anything slower. I‘m on W11 with a 5800X and a 3090…

Also the first of the two patches is going to be live in a few days and the second just shortly thereafter. Sounds more like a clickbait for me tbh


Feels much the same to me. I’m on 11 with a 2600 and an overclocked 1060 6GB.

If anything, my AMD Ryzen 5 3600 feels faster than before with Win11… Had a short flight last week and hit 44fps at some points which I can’t recall seeing before. Graphics at least high and quite a few settings on Ultra.

Good to hear people doing OK with Ryzen systems with Win 11. Article could be clickbait, but I’m still wary of changing when I don’t need to.

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Talk about exaggerating a no issue. We are talking about nano seconds.


I heard the issues with Windows 11 and AMD will be ironed out about sometime next week regardless of how large or small or real the problems are.

I have a 3700X & RTX3080, and upgraded to Windows 11 two days ago. If anything, i maybe see some improved stability, but i am certainly not seeing any performance hits in ultra @ 1440p

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You wouldn’t even know there’s a performance hit unless you benchmark all day. This whole L3 cache bug is unfortunate, but not quite the elephant in the room as some people are hinting. Gamers won’t notice any performance hit.

The fix is due out in the next 2 weeks. I wish people would stop hyping this up more than it needs to be.


Nanoseconds matter when we’re talking L1/L2/L3 caches and RAM; there’s a 10-15% loss of framerate in some games, which can be noticeable without a FPS display.

However, this is a bug and will be resolved soon, so I don’t think it’s a massive issue. Certainly not a reason to avoid Windows 11 for the next year or two.

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15% extra would give me almost 60fps all ultra in 1080p :crazy_face: and that’s on the ground

If your problem is 10 to 15 proocent extra FPS then you are running a machine that is underwhelming.

I use W11, with Ryzen and have exactly the same FPS in MSFS and other games I play, even som older ones, no difference what so ever in performance or FPS.

I’m on a 3700x and upgraded to Win 11 last week. Not seeing any problems on an RTX 2060 @ 1440p.
A lot of this benchmarking is edge case obsessiveness.


I’m not running Windows 11 personally, but no, this is not only for “underwhelming” machines. It applies to e.g. a Ryzen 5950X with a RTX 3090.

Here are a few saying otherwise:

CPPC2 isn’t even supported for 2000 chips and below, so for one of the two issues, they are explicitly not affected.

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I run a 5950 it applies to all with level 3 cache AFAIK. I normally run with level 3 cache around 8-9ns on a 5950.

Jay-Z is quoting the same TechSpot/TechPowerup info @ 3:40

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5800x and 3090 here no issues been running this setup since I joined the windows dev channel

Admit it … you never actually read it, did you? and my 3800X is specifically mentiomed.

Well then you didn’t read those either.