Windows VR home button stopped working

Hey there, anyone else having trouble with the wmr button on the controller kicking you out of VR?

I was using it to open browsers for months now but all of a sudden it kicks me out.

Yes, sometimes the button let MSFS2020 close and sometimes the button don’t work at all.

Ok not just me. But it is recent right. Worked great for me for months.

Just posted about this also as I was very frustrated that it stopped working.
I absolutely loved the ability to add browser etc into the cockpit so seamlesly. Never had any issues whatsoever but the recent update completely broke it.

Ok thanks so much. It is the best. I was crossing my fingers it wasn’t something I installed that broke it.

Same here. I hated myself for updating stuff but after reinstalling everything and confirming with you in this thread I believe it’s something on MSFS side that broke it

I added a thread to the bug forum so we can upvote it to get recognised.

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