Windsocks 180° wrong direction

I have notice that almost everywhere windsocks shows opposite wind direction than actaully is… is it known issue or am I wrong?

The problem is that the windsocks are static until you get pretty close to them, making them practically useless


Are you comparing to the winds from ATC/ATIS? Or from the custom weather UI? If you are comparing it to the arrow in the custom weather UI, the arrow is backwards in the UI and points to where the wind is blowing from.

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No. He/she is right. The windsocks are showing completely incorrect wind. I would have taken a screenshot today but I was way too immersed on short final.

I compare live weather and wind indication in Garmin1000/3000 (PFD) during takeoff which is correct… … Zell am See payware or other defaults… all same… there 2 windsocks at Innsbruck runways showing opposite to each other.

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if there is any other “vote” topic I would add my vote to fix… I really dont like bugs like this honestly

I have already noticed that too. But I’m patient.

see topic windsock klax

seriously how hard of a fix can this possibly be? They obviously have a value backwards

I have noticed this particularly at payware airports with multiple windsocks. Some of them seem to point into the wrong direction, some are correct. Don’t know if the issue is confined to payware airports though.

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I crashed many time because of this, relying on the windsocks for takeoffs etc. when no weather available (getting blow into trees, tailwind etc.)

I set up some pattern work at U60 with winds 270 @ 15G22, and the windsock was blowing toward 270.

Has anyone noticed that wind socks showing the exact opposite wind direction from the actual wind ?
It appears it shows the speed correctly just 180 degrees opposite.

Interestingly, when you create a custom airport it seems as though windsocks that you place are coded for “wind direction plus 180” which causes the issue your experiencing and I’m assuming this is how all wind socks are coded.

There’s moderate confusion about wind direction, notably that wind is “from” in that a wind of 180 is from the South. Someone in coding may have gotten this mixed up and believed that they needed to add 180 to the wind direction for a sock to point into the wind, but that isn’t true at all. A wind sock still points in the direction the wind is coming from, but that depends on which end of the wind sock is coded for “up”.


And weather vanes point into the wind…

I’m actually seeing them represent the wind direction correctly :thinking:

no they are wrong almost everywhere… 180° bug… at LOWI you can see 2 windsocks showing oposite to each other… Zell Am See 180° as well… issue bug report please… there are lack of users who care about this type of bug… for me it is very annoying to see this… you cant rely on windsocks before departure from small airports where metar in not avialable


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Two crosswinds from opposite directions across a runway does seem a very rare event.
Were two different devs involved at this airport?

It is somehow connected to the 180 degrees opposite wind bug of the G1000/G3000 MFD ?

I set up some pattern work at U60 with winds 270 @ 15G22, and the windsock was blowing toward 270.

It seems the engine is delivering the wrong wind value (off by 180º), and this affects objects (like the windsock) as well as instruments. Even the standard G1000 will show the reversed direction.