Wing42 B247D SPAD.NEXT Profile Creation

Hello fellow simmers, I was having a hell of a time getting my HC Alpha/Bravo mapping with just MSFS mappings. A lot of the controls were only mappable using LVARs. I was able to create a functional profile with the wobble pump using the paid MSFS version of SPAD.NEXT. I published the profile in the app. You need to be in the Alpha/Beta channel. Enjoy!

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The name of the profile is Wing42 B247D HC Alpha Bravo

This profile is for the WING42 B247D

Alpha Control Assignments:

All axis, buttons and hats are passed to the Sim


ALT - Master Ignition

BAT - Master Battery

BUS1 - Avionics Master

BUS2 - Main Primer Valve

BCN - Compass Light

LAND - Landing Lights

TAXI - not mapped

NAV - Nav Lights

Strobe - Inst Lights (all)

Mag/Starter Dial

Off - off for both engines

R - R for both engines

L - L for both engines

Both - Both for both engines

Start - not mapped (this has an odd start procedure)

Bravo Controller:

Levers L-R

1 Prop 1 use GA Prop Levers

2 Prop 2

3 Throttle 1 Use Commercial Levers 1/1 and 2/3

4 Throttle 2

5 Mixture 1 Use GA Mixture Levers

6 Mixture 2

Rotary Control Assignments:

ALT = Com Integers

VS = Com Decimals

HDG = Temp Gauge Selector

CRS = NAV Band

IAS = NAV Tune

Top Buttons


-Short Left Fuel Pull

-Long Manifold Gauge and Primer ENG Flip


-Short Left Fuel Pull

-Long Manifold Gauge and Primer ENG Flip


-Close Oil Shudders (hold)


-Open Oil Shudders (hold)


-Colder Carb Heat


-Hotter Carb heat



Switches L-R

1 Parking Brake

2 De Ice and Pitot Heat

3 not mapped

4 not mapped

5 not mapped

6 not mapped

7 Wobble Pump Activate and maintain 5lbs / Sq In

Gear swtich enabled

Flaps not mapped (there are none on this aircraft)

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I was having a hell of a time getting the com radio to work above .9 on the decimal side. Mouse drag tuning couldn’t go there either. I found the .xml to modify (back it up first)

C:\Users<your user>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\wing42-boeing-247d\ModelBehaviorDefs\wing42-boeing-247\Radio.xml

Find the stanza:

Then modify:


I’ve been testing out my profile and have had to make a few adjustments:

One thing I did was to fix an issue with the gear lever. My HC Bravo only has two positions Up and Down like many other controllers. The issue is this plane has three positions Up, Down and Neutral. If you leave the lever in the Up or Down position for too long it will blow the gear lever fuse. To fix this I put a 20 second timer on each position so that when you put it up or down it holds that position for 20 seconds giving time for the gear to move and then returns to Neutral.

I tweaked how the rotary dial works for the decimals I now have it moving in .025 increments.

I added accelerators to the the rotary dials so that if you are continually moving it increases the movement by a multiplier.

The Profile has been republished.

Screen shots of the testing: