[WIP] - CYOO Oshawa Executive Airport

I have started work on the CYOO Oshawa Executive Airport, planned to be released later this year. To wet your appetite, here’s a video of my tour and a flight to scout the location and take pictures of everything that may be used in an airport production. I’m planning on at least 3 open hangars and as much detail as I can reasonably do. You can expect the same quality as you get on my other airports: CYOW Ottawa, CYKZ Toronto Buttonville, and CNC3 Brampton airports. You can get them on my website https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca/ or in the MSFS Marketplace.

Update: CYOO Oshawa has just been released! Check it out at Roman Design webiste. I will post details in a separate topic.


Here are some screenshots of CYOO model testing in the MSFS Scenery Editor. This is work in progress and it’s showing selected models only.


Looking GREAT Roman … I’m in when you’re done : ) What’s the ETA ?

thx / larry

I hope to release it within a couple of months from now, if I don’t hit any brickwalls. Then I’m planning to work on Quebeq CYQB, then possibly Victoria CYYJ.


Great! If you build it, I will buy it : ) Thanks for all your scenery improvements , I enjoy them since I live in southern Ontario ( Port Colborne), originally from CYYZ.

You’re very welcome!

I have been wondering if there is anything to be done about the lack of/dim lighting in the GTAH region improvements. The intensity of the building lights is far lower than those of the stock MSFS scenery, and as a result downtown TO looks like it is in the midst of a blackout.

Otherwise, amazing job and I cannot wait for this one to release. It’s funny, honestly - on every flight sim (or piece of media at all), Canada seems to be ignored, and I expected that much from MSFS. Suddenly, here we are with the oddly specific small/medium regional airports that I grew up with. Now that FlyTampa is starting work on that strangely rectangular hole in Mississauga, I think it’s safe to say Toronto will be one of the more detailed cities in MSFS.

If you are talking about my free GTA improvement packs - there’s nothing I can do, there is simply no baked-in lighting (sigh as illuminated windows) that can be done with such external photogrammetry scenery. The only lighting is from AI street lighting and I have placed some strategic lights to illuminate key places from the outside, so they are not toatlly dark. But it can’t be as good as AI-generated night photogrammetry. There are no SDK tools that would allow that really. For my custom airports there’s certainly full lighting for all my modeled buildings, and they also include a 3D parallax windows so you have the sense of depth and a quasi-modeled 3D interios of those buildings. Open hangars have internal lighting as well, obeying day-night cycle.

Great so far I fly from DFC and from the T-hangers in a friends aircraft.

Perfect keep going

I’m on it :slight_smile:

Love your work!

I am in too. I use Oshawa as my base airport.

The last update screwed it up by changing tower frequency to 133.4 and ID’ing as Toronto Tower instead of Oshawa Tower on 120.1.

As long as it’s not something 3rd party interfering with your current install, I can at least confirm everything is showing correctly in SU9.

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I’ll buy anything you make, good sir. I look forward to this release as I fly to CYOO frequently and the default scenery is kind of bad…

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Tracked it down to the Navigraph Navdata Centre data. Removed the program and all at Oshawa Tower is normal.

CYOO Oshawa has just been released! Check it out at Roman Design webiste. I will post details in a separate topic.