WMR Scaling and Dev Tools - Some Explanations

Thank you for your detailed explanation of OpenXR, it is spot on and you are right it is sometimes confusing. Actually during the beta it has been discussed and explained a lot, and I’m now trying to re-post the relevant information without the beta details which are under NDA.

Now you’re using a different approach (TAA100+SS50 with a G2 for example) which is the same approach I’m also recommending for best EFIS clarity with the Index (TAA100+SS78 with the Index), and this is the point I’m highlighting: EFIS resolution depends on render resolution, not post-processing resolution.

In other words:

  • For best EFIS clarity: TAA100 is paramount, then adjust SS to what your hardware can bear and forget about achieving both inside and outside clarity if your hardware can’t.
  • For best outside clarity, set higher SS (100 for the G2, no need above) and adjust TAA to what your hardware can bear.
  • For best clarity inside and outside (balancing one and the other always) maximize the difference ratio between TAA and SS to an optimal point (which will invariably be TAA60 or TAA70 with higher SS)
  • Otherwise purchase the fastest hardware you can get and be done with settings (TAA100+SS100)!

NB: I have very quite good results with the G2 with TAA110 + WMR SS50 and I’m actually torn between this one and TAA60 + WMRSS100.