Working Emergency Parachutes (AKA Ballistic Parachutes)

Hi all.
I know that a lot of professional pilots use flight simulators for emergency practice, and a lot of aircraft have emergency chutes.
I think it would also be a fun feature for crash enthusiasts and people that just want to play with the chute :wink: .
So to sum up,

I think we need some working parachute systems from asobo

Stay safe and enjoy the sky,

I haven’t seen these features implemented yet, but I know the SR22, CTSL, and Icon A5 have ballistic parachutes, and I just wanted to make sure that it’s on the list of future mechanics, because you can’t fly a Cirrus without a chute.


Aren’t the chutes used for spin recovery? We’d need properly modeled spins before that :stuck_out_tongue: Would like to see this feature though. Pulling the chute for a GA craft does seem very fun.


No, these are different chutes, but since this a FLIGHT simulator and not a parachute simulator, it doesn’t make much sense IMO.

Spin recovery chutes are usually only used on aircraft when stall tests are being performed.

Btw. A few MSFS default aircraft do spin nicely already, e.g. the DR400.

You can’t or you’re not supposed to? There is a distinction

Further reads for everyone interested in the subject, like me.

Did a little bit of research. These systems are called Ballistic Parachutes.
Specifically, the Cirrus SR22 system is called CAPS. Note that the parachute is standard equipment for the SR22, so this seems like an important part of the plane which is not included as of yet. It’s also noted as a part of the planes identity, with the plane’s nickname being “The plane with a parachute”
For the Icon A5 the parachute is optional, US-registered planes are required to have it though. I’d say that the parachute is less of essence for this plane compared to the Cirrus.
Flight Design’s CTSL’s Wikipedia page is a bit more lacking, only having a page for the CT series, and not specifically for the Supralight. If anyone has good sources for the ballistic parachute on this craft, feel free to link them.

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A ejection seat is also standard on most military jets and I don’t see a reason why they should be included either.

Strawman argument. There are no military jets standard in the flight simulator. Also, removing the camera from the cockpit does seem like a bad idea. If people want to simulate military action realistically, they can go to DCS or some other platform.

The way I see it, MSFS is focussed on GA flying. Then they include the SR22, which is a plane that would not be certified without the chute system. There is no way you can realistically simulate failures in the SR22 at this time. If Asobo wants to make FS2020 more like a simulator instead of an arcade-style flying game, features such as this one should be included. Here is a great example from X-Plane on how to do it.

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Apparently you’ve never seen the MSFS marketplace since there are already nice military jet trainers.

Don’t know why you want to switch sims if you want to fly fast jets.

If MSFS is focused on GA flying, why are their three airliners and two business jets?

But you’ve partially correctly mentioned, MSFS if focused on FLYING, not falling.

What do you mean that you can’t simulate failures? Did you miss the failures menu?

Too many points going off in offtopic tangents. You are missing and misreading the points I made in my previous post though.

Yes, you can simulate failures in the SR22 through the failures menu. However, I specifically said you cannot simulate failures realistically. MSFS is a simulator, people use these pieces of software to train for the real world. It cannot be used this way if features essential to the craft are missing. We can both agree that we want to have these planes as realistically as possible, yeah? I am trying to make clear that this plane is not safe to fly without the chute, as it is not certified for spin recovery requirements without it. Thus the plane in it’s current state is insufficient for proper simming, more learning towards an arcady implementation, as I have also stated in my preivous reply.

I agree that this is not a high priority development, but this is a wishlist item. We are telling Asobo (or third party developers) that this is a feature that is currently missing, and we want to see it added to the simulator. It seems detrimental to the simulator to argue against the addition of the chute. The real important issues get a lot more votes anyways, and they will be added sooner.
Please properly read my replies when replying. You have left words out of my sentences and based arguments on those sentences.

I don’t understand what a ‘realistic’ failure is. In a Level-D sim you also have similar failure menus.

Anyway, it looks like this is going nowhere, so I’m leaving this discussion.

Thinking about some things that the team has already done,
I have this feeling that this won’t be the hardest thing anyway :wink:

I’d like to see parachutes modelled in general, rather than a specific type, because it would open up the possibility of having Tail Brake Chutes for those military aircraft that have them and use them for braking on landing.

See this from Alpha time:

If anybody knows of other aircraft with this function,
Please let me know. I willl edit my post

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Thanks. Will add it :blush:

Also, welcome to the forum! Hope you will enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:

Though it could be fun to experience the work of the chute in the sim, I don’t see the real practical point to model one. The chute is used as final resort recovery. You deploy the chute and you’re done. You just sitting there and swinging around till hit the ground (hopefully not so hard). The plane is completely trashed after chute deployment and cannot be used anymore. So, basing on this, I really cannot see how it is beneficial for practicing emergencies to model parachute action. There is just nothing to practice. Reduce throttle and pull the lever, that’s it. You’re not having any influence on the fate of the plane after.