Working Title CJ4 Patch 0.3.1 Released (1.9.3 Fix)

This is awesome! Any chance you’ve got a hotfix for the TBM?

Nice work, thank you.

  • Added ability to insert waypoints in the middle of the flight plan

Is it possible to remove them too?

You’ve been able to delete waypoints since at least the second version of the CJ mod

Hi K20017,

Loving the latest update, previous one caused a certain CTD for me for some odd reason.

I’ve got one minor issue/bug; whenever I go to the FPLN page to enter my departure and arrival airports, the arrival airport input remains blank, until I click on the FPLN button once or sometimes twice before the input boxes next to the LSK get filled or updated (if previously filled with another airport). Funny thing is, the NAV display is updated straight away. Even funnier is the fact that this doesn’t occur with the departure airport :sweat_smile:

If required I can sent you a video of this, as it’s somewhat hard to explain clearly.
Keep up the good work guys, it really is much appreciated.


Thank you, this did the trick! Your work makes the Flightsim so mucht better!!! Thanks, again!!!

It never worked for me, neither in FPLN or LEGS.

Just saw a post on Avsim about someone unable to delete waypoints in 0.2.0 and FNAL said that are load of issues dealing with the route and legs pages. Can you confirm it works for you?

I’m going to test the new version today.

That’s peculiar. Ive done it a few times including two days ago without issue. Accidentally entered a waypoint in the wrong order. Went back and deleted it without issue. Im 99% sure it was from the fpln page and it was as simple as putting clr in the scratchpad and choosing the waypoint to delete. Perhaps it was just a fluke.

The routing was from kege to kden. I was planning on going from rlg up to tomsn but accidentally did tomsn to rlg. Both of them deleted and went back into the plan, in the correct order, just fine.

I haven’t updated to either 3.1 or 9.3 to test anything yet and this was with beta 12 navigraph data.

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I would urge you to update the Navigraph beta to revision 13. There is a bug in revision 12 that causes all VORs to have incorrect magnetic variation, which results in low and high altitude airways being misaligned vs. their real-world alignment.

Hi, after removing “workingtitle-g1000”, the pdf and mdf worked on the cj4 again.

Thank you AromaticGenie, I installed 0.3.1 and was able to remove waypoints in FPLN (not in LEGS), although there are some odd issues, can you or anybody else try to reproduce them?

I picked the following route in SimBrief: KEGE/25 GYPSM6 RLG TOMSN8 KDEN/08 to try to match yours. My FMS is haunted, please watch:

In summary:

I add RLG and it’s blank. When I add TOMSN, RLG appears but out of order
I try to remove RLG but nothing
I remove TOMSN but it actually removes RLG


I’m still unable to remove waypoints from the LEGS page. Can you delete them? As you can see in the video, I want to remove BYYKE, BIVVY and VESTL, but no luck.

And finally, when I try to advance waypoints in MFD ADV, it won’t go to the very end of the route, it stops in the first fix of approach. (second video)

Latest MSFS patch, Navigraph beta13 – I also removed Navigraph and it’s the same with stock MSFS navdata.

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Oscillating for me as well, if you keep your altitude at or below FL27 all seems allright.

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After reading the limitations it feels like these can’t be fixed until Asobo fixes them.

I am grateful that this project is underway, It was an included aircraft so default. Working to make it more of a study level aircraft is amazing. Thank you to all who are working on it.

I’m also experiencing some pretty extreme oscillation. I’m currently in cruise at FL400 and when I was on my climb and up to full speed at cruise it wasn’t possible to use autopilot because it’s so bad it makes the plane stall. Looks to be an asobo bug based on other threads, hoping they can make a quick fix.

edit: ok now I descended to FL360 to pick up some speed and it seems to be working just fine now. Seems to be reliant on high speeds to work

Indicated air speed is the factor when using AP. Once you slow below a point, the oscillations will start as the AP overcorrects for the adjustment needed. This is why you see oscillations after take off and on approach as the airspeed is quite low.

At cruise, you can avoid the oscillations by maintaining maximum KIAS and using less VS during final climb. After passing FL300, I use between 500 and 1000 fps during the final climb to cruise and I can avoid the oscillations. Generally I try to stay at or below FL370, but I have been able to climb to FL450 without oscillations. Again, you must maintain maximum airspeed or the trim will overcorrect and start oscillating.

Similarly, when initiating a descent, use minimal VS to start the descent and then gradually increase VS to maintain stability. It’s a workaround until Asobo corrects the PIDs.

  1. In your first video, RLG is already the first fix on your route. The first fix is actually on FPLN page 1 and is located below the TO box. When you go to FPLN page 2, that’s where you input the 2nd fix. So I think it’s bugging out because you are trying to put RLG in as a 2nd fix right after RLG and it doesn’t know what to do.

  2. The legs page currently has no functionality to delete/add/modify waypoints. We are working on the right now. You will have to make the changes in the FPLN route page.

  3. Due to Asobo’s internal flight plan manager, approach waypoints are not “loaded” unless the approach is active so we can’t scroll through them. We are building our own flight plan manager to bypass a lot of these limitations but it will take a little bit of time due to complexity.

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You guys are the best for this. Can I just drop a small request that the ability to choose SID/STAR transitions is included, assuming the base game allows for it?

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On the list, an issue is the game’s navigation database. It has some errors in it, doesn’t seem up to date, but we are working on it.

I am beta-testing Navigraph’s database updates… so far so good with your mod and their data, which does fix a lot of things such as missing approaches.


Ohh sweet. We also looked into having the navigraph charts able to be pulled up on the MFD. But that’s a little further down the road.


We found the PID adjustments in ai.cfg to be the ones that affect the autopilot as of right now.