Working Title G3000 Panels all black in TBM 930

Windows is up-to-date, MSFS is up-to-date, G3000 is using latest, I’ve removed all addons and liveries apart from the G3000 addon, and still, all glass screens are black in the TBM 930.

Is there some cache buried in a hidden folder that this addon uses that I could attempt to clear? I have to wonder if this could possibly be a Navigraph issue – like maybe it’s failing to login or connect or something wacky like that.

I’m completely bummed that I can’t use this addon.

The G1000 from the MSFS Marketplace works flawlessly.

This is usually a sign that you’ve got a conflicting mod - oftentimes it’s a livery because they specify their own panel.cfg among other things. I know you’ve emptied your Community folder. Try deleting the Content.xml. The sim will rebuild it on the next start up.

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Ok, I’ll give that a try. I assumed it was a conflict, but after removing everything, I was still seeing the issue. I’ll try the content.xml and report back, thank you.

No joy.

My Community folder is empty apart from the G3000 addon. I’ve rebuilt the content.xml.

Still black screens.

Remove the G1000 NXi from your Content Manager and restart the sim. I’ve seen posts on the WT Discord Server that there’s an odd-ball conflict therein.

No change after deleting the G1000 addon from the Content Manager and restarting the sim.

I did load up the Citation and the avionics show up fine – leading me to believe something is wrong with the TBM specifically.

Is there a safe way to delete the TBM930 and reinstall it individually, or do I need to do a complete reinstall to verify it?


I removed the ‘asobo-aircraft-tbm930’ folder from the ‘Official/OneStore’ folder and upon relaunch, MSFS reinstalled the TBM right away.

Avionics are back!

I saved a copy of the old folder, I’ll comb through it and see if I can pinpoint the difference that might have caused the issue.


Thank you for your efforts in helping me debug this, @CasualClick

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I wonder if this could possibly also solve the issue where the map screen on the MFD freezes intermittently?