Working Title Garmin G3000 Discussion Thread

Hi, @aznricepuff, thank you for your work! TBM is way more fun to fly thanks to you!

I’m having an issue, though. Artificial horizon, FD and airspeed and altitude tapes freeze on both PFDs when I’m descending, somewhere between 10k and 15k. It unfreezes some minutes later.
Synthetic Vision keeps working, HSI too, as well as the whole MFD.

I don’t know if you have had any reports of this issue before. I run your mod and @GuiFarias31’s one together, which should be ok from what I read.


The PFD freezes when starting the approach phase of your flight plan. It’s a bug that was introduced in the latest patch. I’m not using this mod but it happens to me stock. The only thing that fixes it for me is deleting a previous waypoint in my flight plan, but that sometimes introduces the weird turn around for no reason glitch.


Something like this happened when I was flying the CJ4 as well, after the latest patch.

Thanks, guys!

I think I installed the mods just after the last patch, so I linked the freeze with the wrong cause :sweat_smile:

But that’s good news, it means @aznricepuff doesn’t have to bother at all :grin:

Apologies, I read through this, but perhaps missed it. Will the list of future improvements include a flight path marker?

If you mean a track vector, then yes. That is a feature that will be added at some point.


Great work everyone. I’m excited about the simplicity of a G3000 cockpit.

Does this mean I can invest in touch screens?

What sizes do people like to use, 2 or 3 smaller or one large touchscreen?


Can this mod be used together with StuTozer’s G3000-Touchscreens-Restyled mod?


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Installed , yes , and not picked up any issues so far.

It’s not compatible at the moment. However, I hope to integrate the restyled mod eventually (I have the author’s permission to do so… just need to get around to it).


@aznricepuff The only problem I noticed so far is the Garmin brightness button you added doesn’t work and the panels are too dark during the daytime.

Use the -tbm package. The -std one has a bug with screen brightness.

I’m using the -tbm, but StuTozer’s Touchscreens mod breaks the lighting. I uninstalled it and now the brightness control works.

Anyone had a chance to test this out with the new update?

I just did a flight from KPSP to KFLG in with the G3000 Enhanced mod 0.1.0.

During approach most parts of the PFD froze, only SVS worked normal. I could only land visually with the standby instruments. After aircraft shutdown and power-up with the battery the PFD worked OK again (this was not a re-start of the flight!).

Can’t tell if the issue related to the new MSFS version itself or the combination with the mod. I will de-acticate the mod and see if the issue persists.

Can you image that the issue is somehow related to your mod?

The new update didn’t change any of the files that the mod depends on, so the issue probably isn’t causing compatibility issues with the mod. Nothing in my mod should make the PFD freeze like you describe, but hard for me to say definitely one way or the other.

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The PFD freezing as you near approach has been happening for me since the 1.8.3 update. Tried today after the 19.5 update and it froze again on one flight, but managed a second without issue. One workaround I found when it does freeze it to switch off AP and fly approach manually, then, when flying an ILS approach, when close enough I switch the NAV source on the touch screen to NAV 1 (having preconfigured the ILS freq to NAV 1). This straight away unfreezes and allows you to continue with a precision landing.

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Thanks for your input :+1:t2:

In fact I just started using approach procedures again - before I was facing issues and loaded the individual approach fixes manually. Will focus on this circumstance upon next flight and try your workaround if needed.

I’m following up on my issue at

In other words and with the confirmation by @aznricepuff I consider his version 0.1.0 working in MSFS :+1:t2:

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v0.2.0 pre-release 1 is now live as part of WorkingTitle! See OP for details.