World Graphics fail to load, replaced with autogen texture/scenery

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Brief description of the issue: - Began experiencing this issue on Friday following the March 16th Development Update –
When viewing an area via the main screen World Map, when a user zooms in far enough the Bing Data World Graphics appear to reload a newer set of imagery closer to the surface. It appears that when the World Graphics fail to reload, the area of failure is replaced with the crummy autogen scenery. Please watch my twitch video below.

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Please watch Twitch video to see. Zoom in on world map, wait for graphics to load, see tiles which have failed to load World Graphics and are replaced with autogen texture.

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1070 EVGA FTW, i7-4690k

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I dont believe this is a bug. Its how MSFS tries to detect and replace satellite imagery that either has clouds present or is an area that is blurred out for privacy reasons.

A new set of imagery must’ve just been released with the latest update - This has never been as prevalent than now.

Can a moderator or dev confirm this?

Does this happen all over the world?
I ask, because there are several areas where ground texture is not availiable du to e.g. clouds in the source material. In this case MSFS defaults back to the autogen scenery.

BTW: ground texture updates are usually only changed/updated within a WU. The last one was the new Zealand WU. Unfortunatly ground textures can get worse with WUs, e.g. happend in the Austria, Germany, Switzerland WU, where large areas in Austria got very very ugly (and some also replaced by the ugly autogen scenery) compared to the version prior the WU.

In you case, I also think this is not a bug, since we can clearly see that parts of the map are still ortho graphics. → map online functionality seems to work in principle…

Yes, it happens all over the world. I have never experienced this before.

Was new satellite imagery released with this last update?

My sim has never had this much auto-texture going on…

If new imagery released with more clouds, it should be reverted. This is an INSANE amount of auto-texture.

(Over the Amazon, Brazil)

(A strip of auto-texturized terrain due to new satellite imagery, Africa)

In the above example, you can see where a new strip of satellite imagery has been relased into the game. Within this new imagery are A LOT of clouds…So many, in so many different shapes and sizes, that the entire terrain is dotted and speckled with auto-texture.

If the objective is to hide clouds, then it is failing. Note the random tiles of auto-texture.

Even New York City sees new satellite imagery causing auto-texturization to occur.

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So it appears new satellite imagery has been released in some places. And in those new satellite images, if there are now MORE clouds than before, auto-texture will absolutely obliterate what you’re looking at.

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only for New Zealand I suppose…

No, it cannot be. Look at the other pictures I’ve posted. This has not been this prevalent in so many places.

Something has been updated to the detriment of users.

Even the most recent location with the most up-to-date imagery has auto-texture:

And you are certain that this wasn’t the way before? Do you have comparison shots?

For the new York area I can confirm that the culprit are clouds:

Any way to turn off the auto-texture?

It is clear now that new satellite imagery has been released and MSFS must now auto-texture a lot more areas than ever before. I can only hope that certain imagery is rolled back to a prior state. Asobo could roll back to a prior set of satellite imagery and stream that.

I have been using this simulator 13 months or so and I have never experienced this at such a high frequency. I’ve only ever seen this when network connectivity is in question or a military installation is nearby.

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I have also experienced this. A solution that I think could work would be to have the older imagery in place of the autogen, on the basis they can detect when to use autogen, they should be able to use the older imagery in those places. There might be some discrepancies on the edges but at least it is imagery.


I lost some of my custom satellite imagery. They are no longer display in msfs and it was ok before. Oddly some custom satellite imagery remain. Can not understanding why.

Got an issue in all airports in Australia/NZ I have checked - have been through this with support and have the same issues still - examples attached are from Sydney YSSY

The problem exists everywhere on some parts of the world. It is pinned as a bug. hopefully a fix is coming soon. msfs is terrible at the moment and i cannot believe after month of betatesting SU12 was released with such bugs.

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