World Tour Flights - Share interesting flight plans

Today is a big release of a new feature for World Tour Flights. We now support commenting on flight plans! See something you like? Let the contributor know! You can also set a profile picture for your account so that it’s easy to recognize you by your avatar.

I’m very pleased to announce that we now have more than 130 flight plans which have been uploaded by the community, over 700 registered users who are bookmarking and rating flights, and thousands and thousands of downloads.

Thank you, everyone, for you contributions to the site. I hope that we can keep adding features and making it even better!

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That’s a fantastic new feature, thanks for adding it.

Glad to see the site is going from strength to strength, long may it continue!

Also, not sure if you’ve already seen this vid but it came up in my YT feed, it features your site. :slightly_smiling_face:

Notice how he wasn’t sure what to do or if he needed to “install something to make it work” so I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a sort of welcome box on the homepage which simply explains how to use the site and what to do with the flight plans.

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It’s a shame you can’t save the weather from a flight. I had the most amazing flight a couple days ago, however 90% of that was from how the clouds and light interacted with the terrain.

It will never be like that again, a snapshot interpretation of the live weather parameters at that time. Maybe one day Asobo will add the option to safe atmospheric conditions. (I guess they are in the SPB file)

Also a lot of ground textures have shadows baked in, making it preferable to fly there at the matching time of day or you might wonder how Earth got a second sun… Of course a few miles further the ground textures might be from a completely different time of day.

I don’t envy the job of the team that’s tasked with color matching the world!

I think if you save an FLT file instead of a PLN it’s a bit more of a “save state” save instead of just a departure, waypoints, and destination. It keeps track of your aircraft, aircraft state, weather, position, and a bunch of other paramters more designed for you to put the sim down and then come back to it exactly as it was.

I’m not sure how accurate specific clouds are with that, but it would probably be close if you wanted to share something with that save option.

Hello everyone! We’ve passed 1000 registered users. Thank you all so much for helping build this community. I’m loving seeing everyone posting flight plans and hope that the site can continue to grow. Please share World Tour Flights with everyone and keep making contributions to make this the best resource for finding interesting places to fly in Flight Simulator.


I just shared a flight plan EDDM to ETSF, 30 min, seeing sights of Munich and vicinity.

Let me know what you think. It’s perfect with VR! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! The more contributors, the better!

It is very excellent! I just added a flight too, because I wanted to contribute towards such a good thing! Thanks for providing it.

I’d like to plug my (free) flight planner. It has built-in plans for each of the spots on as well as all of the world and USA state capitals. You can generate a plan by submitting a geographical or man-made site (like ‘Eifel Tower’, or ‘Grand Canyon’, or your home address). You can make a plan by clicking on a zoomable street or geographic map. It tracks the plane on a VFR map as you fly. There is a YouTube video (somewhat out of date).


We’ve crossed 200 flight plans! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to make this such a great resource for the community.


Hi thre, I am currently doing a world tour over every continent and share all my flight plans, photos etc on the site/blog I built for my journey. If anyone is inetrested my site is at:

Honestly such an excellent idea. I’m glad I stumbled across this. It’s also a great way for locals to show off their areas to others.

Very useful for searching a flight and beautiful landscapes. Thanks to the authors for his excelent work,

This is wonderful, thanks! I already tried several and contributed my first two PLNs!

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HUGE fan of the World Tour Flights site. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

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Hi! just found this great site. I thought it would be nice to know the cruise speed that the time estimate is based on. Or have a slider where you can set your speed and the times recalculate.
Also maybe have a search for <150 GA, 150-300 turboprop, >300+ airliner categories. At the very least whether the plan is for vfr/sightseeing or ifr.

Hi friends. I am from Argentina.
What places in the US with a mixture of forest and city do you advise me to fly over?

If you system can handle it, Atlanta, Georgia. it’s a huge PG area with forests and cities. Atlanta looks great as well as Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Airport. I was there yesterday

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Take a spin around the Black Sea. Lots of history there. Note the buildings that are constructed to look like the Hammer and Sickle from the air. Screenshots to follow.

Interested in making a flight plan and submitting it? Everything on the site is created by the community, so if you know a good area to fly it would be great if you could post it!