World Tour with the MB-339A

Welcome! This thread will be dedicated to documenting my travels around the world.

It all started quite a while ago (on January 8th, 2021, to be precise), when I left the airport of my home city, Wrocław, in Poland, to start a 350.000 kilometers adventure, planned to visit every single nation (and territory) of our old Earth.

Since then I already flew 227.089 kilometers, spread over 145 legs. Right now, my plane is resting in the tiny Lord Howe Island, mid-way between Australia and New Zealand.

By the way, my plane is the beautiful MB-339A PAN, from Indiafoxtecho. When the trip is too long (like when I had to reach Rapa Nui, or right now in my Oceanic Tour), I climb aboard another beast, the F-35B - again from Indiafoxtecho.

I fly in VR only, and I use the internal view only. Since the focus of my trip is visiting the world, I follow no rules, apart from staying on my itinerary. So sorry, here you won’t find any radio communications with ATC, nor precise procedures, or avoiding closed airspaces. You can anyway find plenty of flying, and beautiful views!

I’ll leave here the links to the Tour social media channels (plenty of pics on Polarsteps):

And here’s the map documenting where I’ve been, so far!

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Five more legs for my World Tour, five legs at the world’s end, starting from the icy city of Usuhaia – from there I followed the never ending Chilean cost, with the mighty glaciers and the endless peaks and volcanoes of the Andes. Then I took an F-35 to cross the Pacific Ocean, reaching the legendary statues of Rapa Nui. And from there, back again, flying over the island of the “real” Robinson Crusoe, until reaching my destination, the nice city of Concepción.

Total km: 117.148

Leg 76: over the Southern Patagonian ice field - Leg 76 - Usuhaia (AR) to Villa O'Higgins (CH) - YouTube

Leg 77: reaching the powerful peak of Cerro Tronador - Leg 77 - Villa O'Higgins (CH) to Concepción (CH) - YouTube

Leg 78: finally, Rapa Nui appears in the distance - Leg 78 - Concepciòn (CH) to Hanga Roa (CH) - YouTube

Leg 79: Robinson Cruose island - Leg 79 - Hanga Roa (CH) to Concepciòn (CH) - YouTube

Leg 80: the mighty Acongagua dominates the Andes - Leg 80 - Concepciòn (CH) to Rodeo (AR) - YouTube

Icy Patagonia

Glaciers run down to the sea

Saying hello to the Moai

Goodbye, Rapa Nui!

A quick pass over Santiago de Chile

Legs 81-85. My 339 PAN is slowly making his way on the western coast of South America, flying over majestic mountains, spectacular volcanoes, neverending cold lakes and merciless deserts. From Titicaca to Atacama, from Ojos del Salado to the sources of the Amazonas, this area offers me unforgettable views, with vivid colors. Human cities are almost nothing, compared to the natural beauties of this continent. Santiago, La Paz, Lima, Cuzco, all passed under my wings. At the end, I took another leap in the big blue, reaching the isolated world of the Galapagos islands.

Total km: 124.685

Leg 81: the Atacama desert, driest place on Earth - Leg 81 - Rodeo (AR) to Iquique (CH) - YouTube

Leg 82: big and cold, the Titicaca - Leg 82 - Iquique (CH) to Cusco (PE) - YouTube

Leg 83: discovering Machu Picchu - Leg 83 - Cusco (PE) to Lima (PE) - YouTube

Leg 84: the fiery Yerupajá - Leg 84 - Lima (PE) to Piura (PE) - YouTube

Leg 85: reaching Galapagos - Leg 85 - Piura (PE) to Puerto Baquerizo (EC) - YouTube

The last five legs

A pond in the Atacama desert

Low passage on the biggest salt lake in the world

Majestic views over the Andes

Yerupajà, I love this mountain

Saying goodbye to the South American coast

Sounds like a really fun journey. The MB-339 would be a great touring aircraft.

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Five more legs, 86-90. After having explored the Galapagos, my 339 PAN returned to fly over the skies of South America, discovering the sky high cities of Quito and Bogota, and the even higher volcanoes that rise in their vicinity. Entire regions submerged in never ending forests, especially where the great Amazon is visible again, from the east. Finally I reached the northern end of the Andes, saying goodbye to these now familiar travel companions, reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Almost, to be honest, because I stopped in Caracas, with a last row of mountains separating me from the sea.

Total km travelled: 130,508

Stage 86: the wonderful Cerro Azul volcano: Leg 86 - Puerto Baquerizo (EC) to Puerto Baquerizo (EC) - YouTube

Stage 87: return to the South American coasts: Leg 87 - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (EC) to Esmeraldas (ES) - YouTube

Stage 88: Quito, the capital of Ecuador: Leg 88 - Esmeraldas (EC) to Bogotá (CO) - YouTube

Stage 89: Caracas, a jewel in the night: Leg 89 - Bogotá (CO) to Caracas (VE) - YouTube

Stage 90: the crystal clear sea of ​​the Roques Islands: Leg 90 - Caracas (VE) to Maracaibo (VE) - YouTube

The road so far

The last five legs

In the Galapagos, the volcanoes are spectacular

High above the coast of South America

Quito, the mountains, the clouds and the usual volcano in the background

A path of light accompanies the end of the Andes, towards Caracas

The Caribbean at its best, above the Roques archipelagoTh


Stages 91-95. Finally, the time has come to say goodbye to South America, after a final stop on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. From there I went up the isthmus of Panama, entering the Central America of the Mayas and the Aztecs. The Panama Canal, an engineering marvel, was followed by soaring volcanoes, spectacular views of two oceans and ruins hidden in the jungle. After passing many small states, I reached Mexico, flying over the most important Mayan and Aztec cities, Chichen Itza and Tenochtitlan, and the immense Mexico City.

Total km travelled: 139,346

Stage 91: the Panama Canal: Leg 91 - Maracaibo (VE) to Panama City (PA) - YouTube

Stage 92: Arrival in San José 1: Leg 92 - Panama City (PA) to San José (CO) - YouTube

Stage 93: The Little Prince volcano: Leg 93 - San José (CO) to Flores (GU) - YouTube

Stage 94: a hole in the sea: Leg 94 - Flores (GU) to Mérida (ME) - YouTube

Stage 95: The Aztec Capital: Leg 95 - Mérida (ME) to Mexico City (ME) - YouTube

The road so far

The last five legs

The Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal

To the left the Caribbean Sea, to the right the Pacific Ocean

The mighty volcanoes of Guatemala

The Mayan port of Tulun, Mexico

Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire


Stages 96-100. The first hundred stages conclude in Houston, Texas. Five stops earlier, I left Mexico City, slowly ascending the California peninsula until crossing the border with the United States, then flying first over San Diego and then the boundless Los Angeles, an authentic city-region. From there, I entered the fiery deserts and freezing plateaus, discovering the southwest of the country, with its big cities such as Phoenix, Dallas and San Antonio. Eventually I found myself back on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, where my journey will start again.

On the occasion of the 100 stages, I also created a simple video to quickly retrace them. The first 30, without photographs, are represented with frames from the respective videos.

Total km travelled: 147.551

Stage 96: the boundless Mexico City: Leg 96 - Mexico City (ME) to Los Mochis (ME) - YouTube
Stage 97: the City of Angels: Leg 97 - Los Mochis (ME) to Los Angeles (US) - YouTube
Stage 98: the deserts of the southwestern USA: Leg 98 - Los Angeles (US) to El Paso (US) - YouTube
Stage 99: spectacular rock formations: https:// Leg 99 - El Paso (US) to Amarillo (US) - YouTube
Stage 100: the center of Space City: Leg 100 - Amarillo (US) to Houston (US) - YouTube

If you want to follow my adventure: World Tour with the MB 339A

The road so far

The last five legs

At low altitude over the center of Mexico City

Los Angeles knows no boundaries

The Meteor Crater dominates the scene

The Shiprock emerges from the desert

Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico


The MB-339 is my go to jet, great little plane. Super fun on the Mach Loop.


Stages 101-105. A journey through the natural wonders of the United States. Starting from the Gulf of Mexico I went up the placid Mississippi, with cotton fields along the banks and sleepy cities. I then moved west to the Old West, reaching the Rocky Mountains, the spectacle of Devil’s Tower, the immense and apparently peaceful Yellowstone and, further south, the Arizona desert again, with the monoliths of Monument Valley. The last stage of the five left me speechless with the Grand Canyon, unique and boundless. Finally, I found Sin City waiting for me: Las Vegas!

Total km travelled: 155,479

Stage 101: Mississippi stretches into the Gulf of Mexico: Leg 101 - Houston (US) to Memphis (US) - YouTube
Stage 102: in St. Louis, heading West: Leg 102 - Memphis (US) to Colby (US) - YouTube
Stage 103: the incredible Devil’s Tower: Leg 103 - Colby (US) to Gillette (US) - YouTube
Stage 104: the famous and punctual Old Faithful: Leg 104 - Gillette (US) to Monument Valley (US) - YouTube
Stage 105: speechless, in the Grand Canyon: Leg 105 - Monument Valley (US) to Las Vegas (US) - YouTube

If you want to follow my adventures: World Tour with the MB 339A

The road so far

The last five stages in detail

The Mississippi slowly fades into the sea

Under the Gateway Arch, towards the Old West

Mt. Rushmore and its sculptures

The unmistakable “skyline” of the Grand Tetons

High above the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

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What a great journey. The MB-339 was the first fast jet we got for the sim and still my favourite. I pretty much fly it every week.

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Stages 106-110. From the fiery desert of Las Vegas to the ice that envelops the island of Kodiak. In between an homage to the splendid San Francisco, the discovery of the infinite and dangerous volcanoes of the Cascade Range, the passage to Canada after crossing the Puget Sound and a detour inland, up to Calgary, which allowed me to discover the great glaciers that still exist in this region. And then the ocean again, with a 1,000 km crossing that took me away from the coast of North America, finally reaching the remote village of Akhiok.

Total km travelled: 162,622

Stage 106: finally San Francisco, fantastic city: Leg 106 - Las Vegas (US) to San Francisco (US) - YouTube
Stage 107: Crater Lake, impressive remnant of a huge eruption: Leg 107 - San Francisco (US) to Seattle (US) - YouTube
Stage 108: flying over the ice-covered mountains of the Columbia Icefield: Leg 108 - Seattle (US) to Valemount (CA) - YouTube
Stage 109: the spectacular Mount Robson dominates the Valemount area: Leg 109 - Valemount (CA) to Sandspit (CA) - YouTube
Stage 110: after 1,000 km of ocean, here are the icy coasts of the island of Kodiak: Leg 110 - Sandspit (CA) to Akhiok (US) - YouTube

The road so far

The last five legs

The imposing mass of El Capitan towers over the 339

The San Francisco area, in all its beauty and uniqueness

Above the ice of the Canadian Rockies

Towards the coast, flying over lakes looking like mirrors

Beyond the Gulf of Alaska, Kodiak Island appears

Legs 111-1115. We say (almost) definitively farewell to the northern area of ​​the planet, crossing the northern stretch of the Pacific following the arc of the Aleutian Islands, until we reach Kamchatka, and then heading decidedly south. First the Kurils, then Hokkaido, finally Tokyo and the heart of Japan, up to Osaka, between cities with an ancient history, modern Sky Trees that rise towards the sky and powerful volcanoes that dominate the entire region, dozing menacingly.

Total km travelled: 170,475

Stage 111: above the icy and uninhabited Aleutian Islands -
Stage 112: Kamchatka says goodbye to the imposing Avachinsky volcano -
Stage 113: a volcano within a volcano, only in the Kurils -
Stage 114: the central area of ​​boundless Tokyo -
Stage 115: the imposing Fuji, authentic symbol of Japan -

The road so far

The last five legs

The 339 climbs high above the mountains of the Aleutian Islands

I conclude the crossing of the Pacific at sunset, parading next to a huge volcano

Above the glaciers of Kamchatka, with the plane now firmly heading south

The heart of Tokyo, the city that never ends

The great Fuji observes everything from above, while the sea is far away in the background


Stages 116-120. The southern part of Japan offers places that leave you astonished, such as Hiroshima, and magical sacred islands. The country ends with a long series of islands, until reaching the great Okinawa. A long stretch of sea leads me to the Philippines, which I barely have time to glimpse, before setting off again towards the Palau archipelago. The last stage of the five is a leap south that takes me to the equator, in the Indonesian city of Sorong, where I park my 339.

Total km flown: 176.438

Stage 116: The center of Hiroshima, with the Peace Memorial Park

Stage 117: The spectacular Sakurajima, at the southern tip of Japan

Stage 118: Sunset at high altitude, towards the Philippines

Stage 119: The 339 reaches the Palau archipelago

Stage 120: Over the water towards Waigeo, just north of Papua

The road so far

The last five legs

The famous “floating” torii on Mijayma Island

Above the Okinawa sea, as transparent as glass

The sun sets as the 339 advances over the ocean

From the back seat you can admire the Philippines

Air brakes down, we have reached Indonesia!


Stages 121-125. A great dive into the Pacific Ocean, leaving Papua behind and moving further and further away from the emerged lands. I even had to change my plane, because these distances do not add to the pace of the 339. Micronesia, Guam, Wake Island, Midway and, finally, the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. Along the road, more than ten thousand kilometers of waves, with the F-35 flying high above the Mariana Trench, and then descending until it skimmed the surface of the ocean. A world apart, a blue world, different from anything else.

Total km travelled: 186,958

Stage 121: Approaching Eauripik Atoll

Stage 122: Near Chuuk, the largest city in Micronesia

Stage 123: Wake Island atoll emerges from the clouds–_nfY7afAQ?si=pw5qmJvnnOA_6DFd&t=6600

Stage 124: Moon rises over the Pacific, near Midway

Stage 125: The coasts of Ni’ihau welcome me to Hawaii

The road so far

The last five legs

A rainbow over the ocean

Just before landing in Guam

Arrive at sunset at Wake Island

Towards the full moon, towards Midway

Ready to touch down at Barking Sands, Kauai

Stages 126-130. My VR journey amongst the islands in the Pacific Ocean goes on. After exploring the imposing volcanoes of Hawaii, I headed south, reaching first Kiribati and then two dream destinations, namely Bora Bora and Tahiti. From there I moved east, first touching the infamous Mururoa atoll and, after yet another leap into the blue, the remote Henderson Island, in the Pitcairn archipelago. From there I headed back west, first touching Rapa and then Raivavae.

Total km travelled: 199.193

From this recap, I can share with you some short cinematic videos for each stage (not in VR, but if you want those there are still the full videos)!

Leg 126: The wonderful Hawaii -

Leg 127: Towards Kiribati! -

Leg 128: The dreamy Bora Bora -

Leg 129: From Tahiti to Mururoa -

Leg 130: The Pitcairns, in the middle of nowhere -

The road so far

The last five legs

Leg 126, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Leg 127, the sun rises on the Kiribati Repubic

Leg 128, the wonderful Bora Bora

Leg 129, the white beaches of Tahiti

Leg 130, the remote and barren Henderson Island

Such a cool thread!
Forgive this question, but…

Do you cheat refueling in flight, or do you actually plan your trip to only include landings where you can refuel?

Either way, much respect for your accomplishments.

Unfortunately, I cheat :slight_smile:

I could land mid-flight to refuel, most of the time, but I generally don’t - furthermore, for some of these long flights it’s simply impossible.

Also because neither of the models I use, the 339 or the F-35B, can simulate external tanks - now, those would help!

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With stages 131 to 135 I traced a long path towards the west, opening my way among the waves of the Pacific and stopping in tiny atolls, such as Tuvalu, or large tourist destinations, such as Fiji. Thousands of kilometers that have gradually brought me back to the starting point of my oceanic tour, which is not over yet: after a stop on the large island of New Caledonia, in fact, it will once again be time to point the nose of the F- 35B towards the open sea, for a final dive into the waters of this great ocean.

Total km travelled: 208,471

Here are the recap videos of each stage!

Stage 131: Small remote islands

Stage 132: To Tonga

Stage 133: Samoa on the horizon

Stage 134: Up to tiny Tuvalu

Stage 135: Fiji and New Caledonia

The road so far

The last five legs

131: Departure in the fog at Raivavae

132: Ready to fly over Tonga

133: The two large islands of Samoa

134: The remote atoll of Nukulaelae

135: The great territory of Fiji

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Legs 136 to 140 marked the conclusion of my oceanic sub-tour, which took me to the four corners of the Pacific. The last flights on this boundless ocean saw me fly over Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, before returning to New Guinea, the enormous island which, after a long, final flight, saw me touch down again in Sorong, from where I left six months ago. It’s time to let the F-35B rest for a while!

Total km travelled: 220,295

Here are the recap videos of each stage!

Leg 136: From New Caledonia to the Solomons

Leg 137: To the Marshall Islands

Leg 138: Pohnpei, capital of Micronesia

Stage 139: Last leap over the ocean

Stage 140: From one end of New Guinea to the other

The road so far

The last five legs

We depart from New Caledonia

Rapidly descending over an atoll

Ready to land at Pohnpei

Huge volcanic calderas

The glaciers of New Guinea