World Traveler Achievement: Progress Not Tracking

As the title says: the World Traveler Achievement (Land at 500 different airports) is no longer tracking for me.

During SU6, I uninstalled and reinstalled the sim because of a bug. I lost all hours and landings in my logbook.

At the time of reinstalling, the Achievement had been working for me: updating 1% for every 5 landings and I was at 22% (approximately 110 landings).

With my “new” logbook I am at 169 landings: which should be approximately 34%.

It’s possible a few are duplicate airports and would not count toward the Achievement, which is why I waited to post this, but clearly it has stopped counting toward the Achievement because I rarely land at the same airport twice.

I am coming to a full stop on the runway. Usually there is a small white circle that appears in the lower right corner for a few seconds as the sim saves that I have landed at the airport. And the landing are being added to my logbook. They’re just not progressing the Achievement progress which is stuck at 22%

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas?

Edit: Xbox Series X with SU7 fully installed/up to date. No dev mode obviously.

I found this achievement to be a real pain to complete.
I tracked my landings in excel. Checked both log and profile after pretty much every completed flight and the number of landings at new airfields which never actually registered in the profile was really quite high.

A lot of it didn’t seem to make much sense either. Almost as if landings would not be recognised in the profile if landing on the same airstrip but from the other end.

(For example wind indicates a correct landing would be at one end but profile will only register if you land at the other.)

I also started to wonder if profile would not register if a cross wind was too high for the rating of the aircraft (even if I absolutely nailed the landing.)

At a lot of small rural grass/dirt airstrips the visual cues for where the runway actually is might not actually line up with where the sim thinks the runway should be. (You can actually check in DevMode to see the runway box but of course your landing won’t count if in DevMode)

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I’ve been flying point-to-point around the world with 179 airport entries so far and my logbook lists 475 total landings. Yet at the moment my “World Traveler” stat is at 3%. That’s 15 of 500.
I think it happened at the last update, but I noticed it was wrong even before that.

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I had the same issue. The Achievement logic doesn’t seem to be tracking landings toward the World Traveler Achievement. After a few months it started tracking again for some reason.

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When landing at airports I’ve never landed at, the World Traveler achievement is not advancing. It’s been stuck at 39% for a very long time.

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Land at an airport never landed at before. Check achievement progress via Xbox OS.

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Xbox Series X

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1.27.21 (Maybe even SU9.)

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