World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

I dont think we can assume there was any real logic behind the decision by the Chinese Government to offset data on the Bing maps other than the usual “controls” that all communist regimes exhibit where information that is available to the public is concerned.

It would be good to add cities in Photogrammetry ( Amiens , Besançon , Dijon , Tour … and more ) moreover the castles of the north of France are a little forgotten ( Pierrefond castle , Chantilly castle …and more ) if possible also add a texture for the churches :slight_smile:

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Might it be because China is using a different geodetic system? Most of the world uses WGS 84, China doesn’t. I don’t know if it is still a requirement but when flying in China you needed to disable GPS updating as the Chinese waypoint coordinates don’t match with the GPS ones due to different coordinate system. Maybe it has something to do with it?

@paulanergraz had the answer, it’s deliberate

Just odd that Hong Kong is part of China according to Bing maps (has the offset), Google excludes Hong Kong from the China offset.

And I guess you can still use your GPS with the aerial data, that seems to match up, just no vector maps.

Asobo, please, don’t forget Corsica in this World Update 4. This Island needs better mesh, trees and genoa towers to explore with ,why not, a future Canadair for example. Thanks for your great job. Pace Salute.


Here’s what we learned today:

Airports: Altiport Megève (LFHM), Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (LFMN) and Rotterdam The Hague Airport (EHRD)

Cities: Paris & Amsterdam

1 m digital elevation map for France (Didn’t say for benelux), new aerials, and over 100 POI, bush trip, and landing challenge.

New autogen buildings apporopriate to the region, including churches and windmills.

teaser trailer:

Additional goodies: Japanese + Dutch localizations.


I can’t download World Update 3, so w2hy worry about nan Update 4 and yes I have tried everything and even contacted Zen desk with no reply

Shame on you, I sent you a message in DISCORD, no reply. what up with that? lol

EHRD, yesssss. My home airport!

I wonder what resolution the PG data will be for Paris and Amsterdam. Will it be as high detail as London or more optimized like NY and Tokyo. I also wonder how far the PG area will go. I’ve lived in Buitenveldert for 10 years, on the border with Amsterdam and Amstelveen and worked in Hoofddorp and in the center of Amsterdam. I used to cycle around Schiphol airport in summer to get to work. I hope to recognize a lot more than when I visited Amsterdam with auto-gen mess. It would be nice if it’s detailed enough to see all house and tour boats on the canals.

I think Asobo and MS learned their lesson with the London Photogrammetry. I doubt they will release sub-optimized photogrammetry again. In the Q&A session they mentioned the have a maximum poly count (or at least, a maximum for a certain area) now (which is going to be used to optimize London in the future). I think they’ll apply this to any new additions to make sure they perform well.

Most likely the former. They mentioned today that London was a big issue and will have to be reoptimized and improved.


Haha. Yep. “the colour sequence is wrong… literally UNFLYABLE”

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Nah, the whole reason for them to be so insistent is only because they want the money associated with it… Pay 'em and they’re happy as pigs in… well,… you know…

I’m in two minds about that. I rather enjoyed exploring London in such high detail, albeit at 40 knots max movement speed. Optimization usually means throw a ton of stuff away. Just wondering whether Atlas will be visible

Probably not, not all that recognizable on Google, deformed ball on a stick haha.

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Guess we’ll need a couple more generations of hardware before we can get stuff like that accurately represented in the sim.

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Hope Notre Dame de Paris will be there

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Or hot air balloons :smile: Go slow and the sim will keep up. Go fast and the city turns into a post apocalyptic wasteland. What it needs is better resource and lod management so it doesn’t fall behind leaving everything look like a melted mess.

I’m all for hot air balloons IF and only if they don’t have active controls, and can only float with the wind.

Mach 2 hot air balloons though? please not.

Hot air balloons… exactly ! Forget planes , can we just get sight seeing locations and an Avatar person with binoculars to JUST look around because if we are flying in a Cessna or a Boeing , the photogrammetry looks like post apocalyptic World War Z ! Performance is terrible and the photogrammetry looks like it’s all melted and blobs of deformed objects . I’m gonna go on Amazon now and purchase a new Mobo Z490, 10900k Cpu , RTX3090, 64Gb Ram, Odyssey G9 49” monitor , 3 Samsung M.3 drives each @ 3TB and upgrade my internet speed from 500mb to 2Gb …basically Drop about $7000 and comeback to MSFS 2020 and I will still see World War Z and melted globs !