World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

We need real detailed attention to the South of France (French Riviera). Cities like Nice and Cannes need not be overlooked. Heck they should give us a detailed version of LFMN. Here’s hoping…

I’d also like to see a detailed version of LFPB in Paris.


Speaking of bridges in the USA update I’m surprised they forgot about the 408 bridge in Orlando next to KORL.

lol, they left out famous NYC bridges too. Ironically, some of the stuff they added had uses mods already.

btw DL the KYIV mod if you want a good free one. I lived theere long ago, they did a great job.

I like this, because I live in one of those countries.

Hopefully they’ll introduce the many missing (large) airports in Belgium!

Excuse my ignorance, what large airports are missing?
Brussels, Charleroi, Ostend, Liege, Kortrijk is all there. I haven’t visited Antwerp yet.

In Belgium, that I checked, it’s mostly the military fields: EBBE, EBBL, EBFN, EBST. But there are more.

In Netherlands, famously EHEH, which is huge (relatively speaking). And also others.

My point being, I hope these airports come with those world updates.

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South East Asia need some love… but I can understand they can’t do it because even Bing Map doesn’t have photogrammetry for this area.

They said there would at least be three US World Updates, there is no way they could get everything in one update.

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Please please please give ELLX a makeover!
It is an international airport but today in MSFS it doesn’t even have a control tower

It is also home to a very major cargo airline, and a nice airport IRL in the middle of Europe

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Not possible, the light show of the Eiffel Tower is copyrighted.


Yes, ELLX is severely underdeveloped in the sim! It would be the perfect hub for flights in the France/Benelux world scenery, being at more or less equal distance from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, just to name these few…

In the meantime, you could download Luxembourg VFR scenery from, it adds the missing control tower and quite a number of photogrammetry buildings to Luxembourg city.

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Isn’t it the flickering light that is copyrighted? Then I guess they still can add a static light?

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I actually hope they give EHAM an other update. Since i bought the extra pack because of the “handmade” version, i was quite disappointed by its looks.
Anyway, multiple dutch airports are missing, like twente airport, eindhoven, den helder and the famous glider capitol terlet.
For the sake of all the flightsim nerds like me, i hope they give also lelystad a nice touch, with the historical controltower and planes outside because once a year, this is the place where we gather during the major flightsim weekend event.

Best of luck people to microsoft and Asobo, and iam looking forward to all the updates! You are doing a great job

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Well, at least for the Netherlands it is easy to improve on the digital elevation model (DEM): a couple of some dozens more triangles should do the trick :grimacing:

Greetings from Switzerland, the country of “we need at least another couple of millions of triangles for our DEM!” :grin:


I would like to see Deelen (although it’s an airforce base) Is it still in use?

The copyright is from 1985, so sadly, I think it far all the light.

If you’re referring to the “official illumination” of the Eiffel tower at night (the one with the blinking lights): sorry! That’s “art”. Protected art, that is. You must not even publish any “Eiffel tower at night” photos without permission (according to the below article that (now) only applies to “professionals” - but to my knowledge it also applied to “privately taken photos published on social media” at some point)!

Also refer to last chapter in e.g.

Eiffel Tower at night : photos, light show and glitter

As you know the Alps “start” in Switzerland - and then they “grow over” to Austria.

Just sayin’ :wink:

Greetings from… Switzerland :grin:


Well, to be honest, my country Switzerland is pretty much okay’ish (the Alps could improve, yes). The AI does a pretty good job here, and the style of the generated buildings also matches for the most part.

But I also purchased FS2020 to see other countries, in fact. Especially South America - I’d totally love to see Rio de Janeiro in photogrammetric style, for instance.

What I am mostly looking forward to however are improvements in the AI / world generation! Because like this the entire world profits! More diverse “basic building models” mostly, but maybe also improvements in “bridge / train / ship movements / chimneys / smoke”-generation. You know, everything that makes the world “feel alive”!

I hope there is more to come in the next years :slight_smile:



like the Benelux, the alps are covering several countries.
So Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia would be nice :slight_smile: