World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

That’s a good thing to do until we know what POI’s are included, Paris has a lot of them.

Those are updates for a week without specific day dates. Mostly tues and thursdays though.

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That’s a MUST

hello asobo
could you please correct such posts? with every update it is a huge discussion when the update now arrives.
especially for people who stream it’s important to know whether the update now comes on 13 or 15!
I assume the 13 and think that in the post below simply by copy and paste the date has been lost?

fixit please!

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The problem is that they give us “developement week” updates with these roadmaps, and these “weeks” end on thursdays. But usually sim updates are on tuesdays, and dev updates on thursdays. It would be much easier to understand if they communicated this more efficiently.

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We’re expecting World Update 4 to drop any minute now right?

Yep, but it looks more like everybody is holding their breath being afraid of what unwanted ‘features’ a new update might introduce…


Downloading now.


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Yes, 1.23 GB in Store…

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Steam is usually 30 mins to 1 hour behind.

Here as well!

Anyone know the full total download size via steam and then download within game? Last time World Update 3 took bloody ages to download 30GB…

Ahh, that’s why all my settings just got messed up after the game claimed the packages were out of date. No update on Steam yet, just all my settings randomly changed joy.

Starting game now after store download, will let you know…

cheers TFEV1909

23,18 GB in-game.

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17.73 GB in game for me


The wait is over: [RELEASE] Release Notes ( World Update IV: France/Benelux Now Available!

The official discussion thread is available here: Discussion + Poll: World Update IV (

Closing this thread as the latest World Update is now live.