World update 5 , hand crafted airports?

Couldn’t find the list. Is there any?

I thought there was supposed to be 2-3 but I don’t see them in the notes now.

This is what I could find from the release notes regarding hand crafted airports:

The airports used for the landing challenges, Denmark’s Bornholm, Iceland’s Ísafjörður, Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda, Norway’s Svalbard, and Finland’s Vaasa, have all been carefully replicated by hand for maximum realism.

  • Bornholm Airport (EKRN)
  • Ísafjörður Airport (BIIS)
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA)
  • Svalbard Airport (ENSB)
  • Vaasa Airport (EFVA)

It would be nice to have a comprehensive and current list of all the hand-crafted airports that have come out since the original release, but I’ll be dipped if I can find one.


Thanks to @JetWash1023 : [GUIDE] Handcrafted Airports


Reading over the release notes and having watched the files download during the update process I noticed KSEA airport being completely downloaded and or updated during the update process but no mention about it being updated in the ‘release notes’. How complete are these change logs?

At least not 100% complete.
E.g SU IV removed the trim bug which existed since day one, but it wasn’t in the change log.

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From what I can tell, not very. Several aircraft received updates, as well as a few North American airports.

I think I’ve found a way to get a better list. All of the hand-crafted airports have a folder in the Official/OneStore directory, so all I need to do is compile that list. Gimme a few moments…

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I count 56 airport folders in my “Official” folder. Add the five that I don’t have since I only have the “Deluxe” package, and that would be 61. The list you linked has 67. Either there are six airports hiding somewhere, or something doesn’t add up…

After comparing the two lists side by side and accounting for the five Premium airports, here are the differences…
Airports I have that aren’t on the other list:

Airports on the other list that aren’t on mine:

The codes are messed up, the list is fine. For example, EG78 is Out Skerries (EGOU), WX53 is Bugalaga (CAMA) … etc.

The only things that are wrong on that list are * LEMG - Málaga Airport (Spain)

  • LFLC - Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne (France) two airports that were missing totally in the game and were added, but they are not hand crafted.

It also fixed the live weather on first flight bug that had been plaguing many since launch. No mention of it in the patch notes either.

Communication is not Asobo’s string suit, it would seem.

I just thought of something… BIIS is the airport in the latest “Spotlight Event,” and doesn’t even have the star icon. I wonder if those airports are somewhere else in the system, like landing challenges and bush trips.

Have you downloaded Nordics update from the marketplace? They should have star icon. It has in my sim :slight_smile:

CRUD!!! I always forget that! I went to the Content Manager and grabbed the updates there, but didn’t hit the Marketplace. Firing the sim back up yet again - my 'puter is going to start thinking I’m nuts…

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Downloading now, but it’s midnight here and I’m done. As soon as this is installed, I’m turning off my brain.

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I saw that in the Nordic update there were 5 bespoke airports, but I cannot see which ones. I only see the 99 corrected ones.
Please give me the list of those 5.
Piet de Geus

  • |EKRN| Bornholm| Denmark|
  • |ESSA| Stockholm-Arlanda| Sweden|
  • |EFVA| Vaasa| Finland|
  • |ENSB| Svalbard| Norway|
  • |BIIS| Isafjordur| Iceland|

What a strange term “bespoke”

I’ve never heard this term until MSFS and English is my first language. Interesting.

I had heard the term, but not used this context. My command of English continues to grow after 60 years. And I don’t speak any other language!

I’ve always thought the same thing. According to Google, it means “made for a particular customer or user.” This sounds more like “commissioned” to me, but even that seems odd. Was it commissioned by Asobo and made by a third party? In my not-so-humble opinion, they should just stick to “Hand-Crafted” and be done with it.

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