World Update 6 Bugs

I dont know if some of these bugs were already presented before the world update but here is what I found while crusing around Lake Constance (Bodensee) and Konstanz.

  1. Giant line in the middle of the lake

  2. Cut in scenery

  3. What ever this is (near Insland Mainau)

  4. The photogrammetry of Konstanz has a lot of spikes. Especially the bridges look awful.

The pictures of the Bosch parking garage at Stuttgart airport looked different in the release notes. Is this how it should be?

Hi there, I just flew over Konstanz and there was no photogrammetry… Rolling cache is off, all data settings on. Does it still work for you?

Yes, still there for me. Rolling Cache was disabled, after enabling it photogrammetry was still there.

It went back to static only when I disabled all online features. Did you download the update in the content manager?

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Why can’t people just report an issue without editorializing?

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Agreed. I pay less attention to threads like that.

I also noticed that the scenery images no longer match after the update.
It seems that higher resolution images are loaded in closer proximity to the aircraft.

propeller animation is all messed up again on the shadowing. You’ll notice it at dawn, dusk, and night flights.

Oh, I am a boon. I did download all the updates in the content manager after WU6 but forgot to download the new content (which obviously does not show up in the updates…)… Hopefully, it will work then. Still, I am a bit surprised, I always thought that photogrammetry cities are independent of the World Update DLCs…

Edit:. After I loaded WU6 from the marketplace, Konstanz is displayed correctly with photogrammetry.

In Konstanz only a flat picture there. No Buildings.

sadly this exsisted since SU5, now only the location changed.
That’s for example where it was before, now this texture bug is to be found just north above that location. The texture advancement that came with the scandinavia Updater vanished with WU6


The vegetation in Germany has been extremely imprecise since World Update 6. Everywhere in the meadows and fields there are trees that do not belong there.
Some of the aerial photos have a position offset of several meters. That’s why sometimes the autogenous buildings are right next to it. It is particularly extreme in the Rostock area.
There are also massive LOD display problems, as can be seen from the example of the hedge.


found another interesting UFO in the scenery :wink: near Bischofshofen

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I’m not sure if this is just a problem with this update, but all the town markers/poi seem to be planted a good 100 meters away from any of the centres of interest!

They better have waited for the lockdown…months without trails…astronomers bliss.

Ok, if there where no Mr. Murks on a mission…

One of my favourite airports NZMF suddenly has tall trees on the threshold of Rwy 11 after WU6. Pretty annoying as one ends up on the middle of the rwy at touchdown to avoid the trees risking an overshoot. Is ASOBO/MS doing something about this? I’ve been reading elsewhere on the forum that many other airports have been affected by this. Thanks


almost every single airport in the north of germany/denmark has this issue aswell…

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