World Update 9 has created frame skipping / stuttering

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I get a skipped frame / noticeable stuttering every other second. So, it goes smooth-skip-smooth-skip.

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This happens a few minutes after a flight has loaded up. Once I prepare to pushback, the frame issue begins.

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Core i7 9750H

  • 16GB of RAM
  • Nvidia RTX 2060 (Mobile @ 2.6Ghz but can boost)
  • 500GB SSD (for MSFS), plus other drives

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I know I’ve been getting the same thing. It’s crazy. I’ve tried everything. On the ground and getting near an airport it’s unplayable because the stutters are so bad. It still stutters in the air but not as bad but still can’t do anything but wait for them to fix it.

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hi, be sure game is in focus and all another things minimized or closed, i had same when background works youtube, all was ok long time then start lagging, then i minimize chrome, and then stutters are gone
p.s. some programs can move msfs background, some time have nothing visible, but until couple alt tab change foreground window stutters stay with me. both situation was really rarely.

I think you are experiencing the problems described in this thread. I also have the same issues.

Stuttering and bad FPS was introduced by SU9. Maybe you didn’t realize it before or you weren’t affected. WU9 didn’t have any coding changes so it is highly unlikely that the world update is causing bad FPS.

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Do you have YourControls by any chance?

That was the culprit for me.

Trust me, I would’ve noticed the difference earlier if it was present for me after SU9, haha. I didn’t have any discernable changes after that update; even the new PMDG 737 was running just as well as other heavy mods like the A32NX. So, I’m not sure what about WU9 changed things for me.

I’ve seen a few folks claim that Pushback Toolbar might be the culprit, so I disabled it and ran another test last night; that seemed to have made an improvement, but my last test wasn’t as long as the ones prior, so I’ll have to investigate more. That’s all I’ve changed so far, however.

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I do not. But, good tip for those who might.

Even my mouse pointer is skipping back lag delay when using the mouse.

Background programs, even when minimized, still hold a big chunk of the graphics buffer. Shut down everything except those programs needed for the sim. Multiple monitors also hold memory. Disable them in the Nvidia control panel; it’s not enough to simply turn them off. Frame size should be lowered by turning down game resolution and texture resolution. An easy way to see your frame size is to compare the size of a test screenshot (same shot every time) after modifying settings.

Rolling cache get enabled after initial update for some reason, turn it to off, might affect it as well.

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I’m hearing the same in discord channels – I’d completely remove Pushback Helper completely from community mod and restart and see if this helps.

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I experienced SEVERE stuttering after a while flying around Rome. Deleting the rolling cache solved it immediately.

same here i get to the two hour mark and i have sound stuttering and fps drops to 5 fps from 70.

i have tried almost every trick in the book apart from flying with no mods what so ever.

and im sorry but this will not fly i will not give up the pmdg or the 146 which the only two aircraft it happens to me in.

so Asobo you need to sort ya ■■■■ sdk out so the devs on the amazing addons can start making the sim great again

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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it happens mostly to Jets and commercial airliners

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Screenshot stuttering 2022-06-21 092118

I used two monitors since the beginning, never changed my system since Ive bouight the FS in 2020. So it must be something else.

Ive tried it with or without pushback helper, with and without any mods. Deleted also your controls. I did all windows , graphiks and FS tweaks, nothing helps … It must be nothing but a Asobo bug, I never had this before SU 9 …

I have the same problem after the SU9 update, surprisngly enough didn’t have it during SU9 BETA. But i’ll drop down to 2 FPS sometimes! and im running a 12900k + 3090. Also noticed FPS counter will go from 70 fps down to 30 fps then back to 70 (rinse and repeat) and GPU utilization is super sporadic.

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