World Update - Caribbean Edition


I’m a Caribbean native (From St. Maarten) and for years the Caribbean has been a bit behind in attention to detail when it comes to detail islands, it would be great if we can get some love in one of the upcoming world updates!

I would very much like to see the French islands of the Caribbean Guadeloupe, Désirade, the saints, Marie Galante, Martiniquere, be working because there is a lack of work on the lagoons, lack of trees, roads, houses and others …

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Would be great to have an update that featured detailed airports in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. Many great adventures, tours, and challenges can be developed in this area of the world, much like you did for Japan.


Just throwing out a suggestion for this area of the world. Updating the blue reefs for many of the islands and detailed cities for many of the vacation spots in the region would be great. Areas of note is Provo, Montego Bay/Negril, Aruba, St. Lucia, Nassau (the Bahamas in general would be amazing), St. Thomas, Cayman, San Juan, Punta Cana, Barbados, and Bermuda. Based on previous World Updates certain areas were focused on more that others. The big thing with the Caribbean is the reefs around all the islands that have them. If nothing else this would be one of the most important updates. That being said the main tourist areas of the various islands would be amazing to focus on. Ships on the water as well world amazing to see.


Msfs has made a wonderful job with us and japan but what happens with the Caribbean Islands like Cuba Dominica republic sanjuan Puerto Rico there have not done nothing to update it.
The airport look like like blocks in Puerto Rico is missing a lot of land like el morro the capital the governor house. Santo Domingo is missing airport Punta cana and not least Cuba is like a desert. Whe Asobo is going to fix it if they fish usa and japan and Europe why not the Caribbean Islands iven Aruba.


Hoping we see the Caribbean for World Update 7 or soon after!

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I will really love to see the Island update but do not forget ST. Kitts and Nevis, USVI, Jamacia and more

Still hopeful for this World Update.

I reckon this one is more complicated as it involves so many countries. Usually they work with governments for data, information etc, so to coordinate that between 10-15 countries would be quite a task. This is one reason they tend to limit the number of countries to 4-5 at most.

The other option would be to make a lighter world update focusing on just new Bing satellite data (if there is such),but with updated DEM and the other parts it’s not the same obviously.

But we will see :slight_smile:

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There’s no further World Updates planned until 2022 so don’t get your hopes up.

A world Update for the carribean would be nice, but for me watermasking for shallow (coral reefs etc.) or very clear seas is the main point. I know they were talking about watermasks in a QnA already but as they showed phenomenal watermasks in their trailer prior to release, I think they have the obligation to implement them at one point, otherwise that was false advertising.


YES! +1 :+1:

I’m a VFR Caribean pilot
And tropical water, coral reefs, and boats and docks under water
Are mandatory on the Caribe :roll_eyes:

Why hasn’t this idea gained any more steam? The Caribbean is finally flyable in MSFS, and a focus on it for a World Update would be amazing!

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I Agree, I would love for this to gain a bit more ground, better mesh imagery all of it…and its way less of a landmass than Iberia so it’s entirely possible


agree. If anywhere on the planet is made for msfs flying its the Caribbean.

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I couldn’t agree more, it’s the only area I fly and it is easily the most under-appreciated area in the sim.


Come on Asobo, you guys got to give us a WU for Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and the rest of the Caribbean Islands!

I mean, I do believe it is one of the most visited places in the world. Why not push a WU for it already?

Hope it’s coming soon!


And no new water masks have been added in a while, which is disappointing.

Please Asobo can you consider a Caribbean World Update?

All these opportunities to create new water masks!