World Update - Caribbean Edition


I’m a Caribbean native (From St. Maarten) and for years the Caribbean has been a bit behind in attention to detail when it comes to detail islands, it would be great if we can get some love in one of the upcoming world updates!

Msfs has made a wonderful job with us and japan but what happens with the Caribbean Islands like Cuba Dominica republic sanjuan Puerto Rico there have not done nothing to update it.
The airport look like like blocks in Puerto Rico is missing a lot of land like el morro the capital the governor house. Santo Domingo is missing airport Punta cana and not least Cuba is like a desert. Whe asobo is going to fix it if they fish usa and japan and Europe why not the Caribbean Islands iven Aruba.


Hoping we see the Caribbean for World Update 7 or soon after!

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I will really love to see the Island update but do not forget ST. Kitts and Nevis, USVI, Ja and more