World Update China

A China world update would be great!

Indeed, but I fear it will prove difficult to get hold of the necessary data for that.


Specially these missing airports such as ZBAD(Beijing Daxing International Airport) and ZSHC(Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport) and POIs such as Great Wall in Beijing and skyscrapers in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta cities are missing too. Lots of airport data in these area are outdated too(e.g. ZGSZ Terminal 3 building, ZGGG’s satellite terminal and taxiways, ZHHH and ZHCC in central of china uses long time ago aerial images and runway terminal and taxiway data very outdated). If asobo update these it will be a great help on flying experience in China.


Think they could make a solo update,very big workload!


Especially under the environment of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it’s a fantastic time to make more Olympic-related POIs.


Minimum requirements, priority to update satellite maps


Strong demand for renewal of China’s landscape and Airport


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There are lots of works to do in China.

  1. ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan and ZBAD Beijing Daxing, these two major international airports are missing.
  2. ZPPP Changshui Intl Airport has replaced the old ZPPP Wujiaba Intl Airport(Same ICAO code) many years ago. However, as your settings of SDK, even the third-party addon producers are blocked to make Changshui Airport AddOn in MSFS.
  3. There are lots of airports operating with more runways than now, which needs a great update. For example, ZSPD operating 5 runways but can see 3, ZGGG with 3 runways but can see 2 in the game, ZSNJ with two runways but the 2nd runway can only see a satellite image in the game. ZUCK operating 3 runways and 3 terminals but can see the construction site of Terminal 3(if without SamScene’s Chongqing AddOn).

Hope to update the scenery of China as soon as possible


I know this could be really hard due to the regulations and policies of the Chinese government.
But I really hope one day I could fly above my hometown in its all photogrammetry glory.


Photogrammetry…is most unlikely. Despite photogrammetric flights are conducted rather frequently, the data gained seems to be highly restricted to gov use only, let alone to a foreign company…unfortunately.


Not a easy work,especially get the mapping database.


While places like China, South Korea (even the North Korea), Russia, Israel and Iran got a lot of interesting places and would benefit from an update I doubt any of those countries will ever give a new good quality aerial mapping data to share due to they secrecy and cautious behaviour. China and South Korea already puts a lot of pressure on how they data should be presented when it’s comes to any mapping service. Which all leads to inaccurate and low quality data compared to other countries. And I doubt that the official Top Gun expansion will bring any more trust from some of those countries mentioned seeing how the Sim turns more military.

Maybe at the most optimistic bet we can still except some selected touristy locations like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park updated with the new sattelite data and custom landmarks. But it’s seems that custom landmarks over the old sattelite is still the best bet we can hope for if the WU’s will arrive to those countries. Which is still of course a very good deal than nothing at all.


I know photogrammetry and other low- to mid-level aerial photography within China is likely to be restricted-use vs publicly available data, but I’d think that basic navigation data for airports would have to be pretty exact by necessity, and that satellite imagery taken from satellites belonging to other countries would not be restricted or offset/made inaccurate deliberately in any way.

I could be wrong though. :slight_smile: But I’d think it can at least be better than it is now…

(A complication may be if MS wants to be able to ship MSFS in China, and may have to obey Chinese mapping laws to do it. So… who knows!)


Hope to update the scenery of China as soon as possible


We need Great Wall, ZhangJiaJie, GuiLin ,and also scenery of Shanghai , Beijing, Hongkong


Young Ju is coming ,hope you good luck

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Pressure on foreign players. National players like Naver or Kakao can have high detail and high quality satellite images including photogrammetry and other technologoes that show cities in 3d in their map apps available to anyone who installs them. It shows that the data is not an issue but foreign competition is (protection against competition dressed up as national interest issue).


absolutly agreed,though it could be hard.