World Update for Israel


Can I ask for a world update for Israel please?


Last week I flew around Jerusalem and the Dead Sea and I saw some very low-resolution terrain data. The mountain fortress of Masada was two generic buildings on a gently sloping hill. :frowning: Jerusalem’s Temple Mount was also a gently sloping hill instead of a sharply delimited wall with a flat top, and only the mosque on top had a beautiful (very nicely rendered!) custom model.

A refresh of the whole region with better terrain data, and if it exists photogrammetry, would be amazing to fly around. The Dead Sea is fun because you can fly below sea level, and there’s mountains all around to go up and down. :slight_smile:

So I would love an update in the Israel/Palestine/whole middle east region!


interesting thing is gaya simulation guy from israel, and only one original structure from the beginning, so many addons, but no1 for the land

Agree such an historical country should get some love


Instead of just Israel, why not the entire Middle East since it’s a “world update” – I’m sure Asobo is probably on this at some point in 2021.


Being middle eastern myself, I would imagine it would be very difficult for Asobo to obtain data from most of the region.


World update for a single small country? doubt it.

Maybe if you could team up with your neighbors to provide MS/Asobo with up to date satellite imagery, height data and photogrammetry for the entire region, it might work.

Seems currently the world updates focus on places where better data is actually available.


Well I can’t disagree that the terrain & textures are pretty low res, but then again, that is the state of the data if you look at Bing or Google maps imagery.

At least they could do some manual tweaking of the buildings around Jerusalem. They added a discrete model of the dome of the rock, and added it as a POI, but it is surrounded by tower blocks! The walls of Jerusalem are high rise buildings. Considering the importance of this site to at least 2 billion people, perhaps they could spend a couple of man days effort to make it look less rubbish.


Yup. My heart just sank flying over a place I’d visited in real life and been inspired by the depth of its history and seeing just a melty pile of mush and office blocks. :frowning: But hey, I understand the terrain data is not great so they’ll need to do more custom modeling, and that takes real work.

I have patience. :slight_smile:


You can find addons for Israel here:


thank you, time to time looking site like this

Thanks! Unfortunately I can’t get it to load the MSFS2020 detail page at but I’ll check it out later if they’re back online.

It is online

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page loading long time, but works

If it takes multiple minutes to load a page and still doesn’t do so, I consider it not really working properly. :slight_smile:

not minutes, just some longer than momentary

Very good… And all is free…
Thanks a lot !

Two minutes so far, nothing visible on screen

Literally took over five minutes to load the page:

Considering how long that took, I’m not going to look through the individual files and try to download them. :frowning:

very strange, must be ping depending i open this just few seconds, long if all other opened just by click

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