World's Busiest Routes Tour

I found this video on YT and thought hey why don’t I do a tour of each of those routes.

I have taken a hiatus from airliners so I plan to use either the CJ4, TBM 930 or King Air 350i. I will be flying both directions of each route. I expect since these are the busiest routes that I should be able to find several Live Traffic flights in progress.

Let’s see if we find anything interesting.

Streaming will be on my new Twitch Channel: Twitch

Updated source of busiest routes:


Route: WIII - Soekarno-Hatta Intl (Indonesia) to WARR - Juanda (Indonesia).

Leg 1
I am leaving around 14:14 local time. Weather was rather clear. I had some live traffic leaving out. I was able to find all of them on Flight Aware.

Flanked by the Indonesian peaks. Coming up on Semarang city.

Final into Juanda.

Very quiet here. Not a single other flight around.

Now for the turn around.


Route: WARR - Juanda (Indonesia) to WIII - Soekarno-Hatta Intl (Indonesia)

My random departure time generator scheduled this flight for 00:37. So I guess we are doing a red eye for the return.


Final approach into Jakarta. The radar said there were a couple aircraft in range but I did not see their labels.

Not a bad series of legs.

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Route: RJTT - Tokyo (Haneda) Intl (Japan) to ROAH - Naha (Japan)

I got a departure slot time of 12:43 local time. Nice! Although the weather was not that nice.

No Live Traffic flights. Of course it is a 12 hour difference to my local time at the moment of the flight.

Starting up with Tokyo city skyline in front of me.

Coming through the fog, haze or mess whatever you want to call it.

Descending into Naha.

Final Appraoch

Deserted airport.

Also, I found a more updated list of busiest routes that also included some by region.

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Route: ROAH - Naha (Japan) to RJTT - Tokyo (Haneda) Intl (Japan)
Distance: 839
Departure Time: 14:32
Payload: 5pax/1001lbs

This is the return trip. I included a few more details of the flight to make it more interesting.

Departure out of Naha.

Looks like the sun will be setting on us before we arrive into Tokyo.

The arrival and approach route into Tokyo is a bit long. All around the bay. So far not much traffic in Tokyo.

Final into Rwy 16L.

The city of Tokyo at night.

While shutting down an All Nippon flight to Germany popped-up.

Route completed.

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Route : WMKK - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to WSSS - Changi (Singapore)
Distance : 185
Departure Local Time : 11:15
Payload : 1pax/409lbs

This is the first leg for this route. Airport was a bit quite during startup but came a little alive as Iwas departing.

I was able to catch a flight on the same route coming back from Singapore. TGW466 which is a Scoot Airline flight.

An even better sighting was finding flight SIA125 on the same route as I to Singapore.

As I followed him he may have also been flying the exact same arrival (STAR). However, it looked like it was landing North whereas I as configured for a South facing landing. As a result it made it in before me.

Then another flight (SIA965) on the same route flew overhead. Looks like he was flying a missed approach.

Made it down safely after taking a bit to find my parking spot.

Now for the turn around.

Route : WSSS - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to WMKK - Changi (Singapore)
Distance : 185
Departure Local Time : 19:27
Payload : 4pax/145lbs

There was no traffic on the way out likely because of the departure time. Don’t be fooled by the bright skies. That was a lightening strike brightening things up. It was very much pitch dark.

Long final into Kuala Lumpur.

This route is completed. I enjoyed this one.

Some shots from the KATL-KMCO round trip.

Coming into Orlando.

Leaving Orlando at night.

Coming into Atlanta

Had another flight from Miami executing a parallel landing.

On this trip I did not spot any KATL-KMCO or vice-versa live traffic.

Here are some pics of the LGAV-LCLK round trip. I saw several Live traffic flights on the same route both coming and going. I didn’t get a screenshot on the LGAV-LCLK leg but i think it was caught on the Twitch video.

There was lots of traffic at LGAV. I also had some wingmen for the flight. Thanks for coming along.

I ended up bringing up the rear as they were much faster than me.

I think the randomizer likes giving me night flights for the return. I caught a couple same route flights on the way back.

There was indeed a lot of traffic on this route.

This was a very busy flight as far as planes on the route.

Here are some pics from the RKSS-RKPK round trip.

I spotted a couple Live Traffic flights on the same route.

It was a busy morning at the RKSS airport. I was not alone in tackling this route today. Kudos to a repeat wingman (slyfox#9018).

Over at RKPK it was rather quiet. No Live Traffic. Just me and my wingmen.

It was eerily quiet coming back into Seoul. No live traffic except for the 3 of us.

All and all still a great round trip.

The round trip between YMML-YSSY was eventful to say the least.

Leaving YMML was not an issue, although I had no company traffic or Live Traffic flights on this route.

Sydney was a little busy as expected. But still no Live Traffic on this route.

The wheels came off when I decided to take off without my payload and got about 15NM out of Sydney. I had to turn back around and land again.

Fortunately I did though as that is when I spotted JTE7445 on it’s way to Melbourne as I was.

Spotted quite a few ships either coming or going to Sydney.

I had a harrowing time with the departure route and had to circle a couple times to get on my. But finally I was off and back to Melbourne.

What a nice afternoon flight. Melbourne is just over those ridges.

Final minutes into YMML.

This trip took a little longer than expected but it turned out to be a real enjoyable one for me.

Flight report for KATL-KFLL round trip.

There was tons of traffic in and out of KATL. But I did not find a single flight headed or coming from Fort Lauderdale.

It was kind low overcast but I quickly made up above it to the clear skies.

I got under-buzzed by a FDX flight.

It was no different coming into Fort Lauderdale, tons of traffic but none headed into or out of Fort Lauderdale from Atlanta. But I did catch on the radio DAL1185 that was heading into KFLL from KATL.

Final into KFLL.

On my way out of KFLL.

The weather hasn’t gotten any better back in Atlanta. In fact it was rather worst.

Massive amounts of traffic in ATL.

Final onto 26R, had a Live Traffic aircraft right in front of me.

All in a days work.

Spectacular flight with tons of traffic even though I didn’t spot any aircraft on this route.

Here is the picture review of the KLAS-KLAX round trip.
Las Vegas was rather quiet when leaving.

I had to make a last minute change on the runway approach into KLAX, landing West instead of East. I did not make it down fast enough and had to perform a go around.

My second attempt.

It was really busy at KLAX. I took more shots when leaving.

Just when I thought I had not seen a single flight on this route. I spotted SKW3519. Interestingly I heard this flight get the same SID as me on clearance radio but I mistakenly heard 2519 instead of 3519. This guy blew by me though. Sometimes I think the AI is going much faster than IRL.

Leaving the California sunset behind.

It was a little busier in KLAS when I got back.

I had to do a go around here at KLAS too. First I had a last minute change on the approach from 26L to 19R per the Live ATC radio. Then I guess I selected the RNP approach instead of the RNAV and I expected to be much higher when I completed the base turn and I had to go around to lose the altitude. But I made it in successfully nonetheless.

Another route conquered.

Just completed the round trip between SKBO and MPTO. Here are some pics.

There was a little traffic at SKBO before departure.

So unfortunately it was dark and I can’t show this but there appears to be no taxiway off runway 03R to the terminal or ramps. So i had to park on the grass at an International airport. What!?

Anyways, there was traffic lined up to land into MPTO.

Just when I thought I might not see any traffic on this route right after I took off I noticed CMP335 landing from SKBO. Sweet!!

Both flights were night flights, but the return into SKBO was an early morning 03:43 departure, so midway to SKBO the sun started to rise.

Some nice shots of the crispness of the morning and the clouds.

Back in Bogota. Uneventful trip.

Until the next one.

Took quite a few shots of the roundtrip between RJFF-RJTT.

There were quite a few Live Traffic flights on this route today when leaving RJFF. Including a repeat wingman. Shout out to Quax55!!

The sun was going to set soon. It was a spectacular sunset.

Final into RJTT.

On the way out of RJTT I saw two flights headed for KSFO. Have a nice long haul.

Scenic departure. I saw the sailboat landmark in Tokyo harbor.

Flew right past Mount Fuji. At least I think that is what that was.

I had a close wingman for a good part of the cruise. He kept coming in closer and closer. Yikes! It was awesome!!

Final into RJFF.

And this roundtrip is done. Thanks for the company.

Picture report of the VHH-RCTP roundtrip. I flew the CJ4 instead as I had an issue with my mileage calculator that prevented me from using the TBM930. Who knew NM and Statute Miles could be so far apart.

It was a 5AM departure from VHHH so it was dark. Lots of traffic but none on this route.

Sun rising in the East.

Approach and final into RCTP.

Finally when I parked there appeared a flight on this route.

Departing RCTP. I don’t know but with the beautiful fields surrounding it, it looks spectacular.

I was so busy looking around on the departure I almost collided with this aircraft. Flew right across my 12 o’clock a little too close for comfort.

Arriving back in VHHH. Tons of traffic again. Two A380s!

There were a couple aircraft on this route there.

I enjoyed this one very much.

Why are your traffic nameplates have red color?

Check this Mod out.

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Great night lighting!

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Short flight report on the RKPC-RKSI round trip.

Unfortunately both legs were night flights so no great screenshots. I did have these that were decent enough to share (I think).

There was some good and some bad about this trip.

The bad, for being the world’s busiest route I did not spot a single Live Traffic flight on this route. That was not expected.

The good, on final approach on the return leg my gears would not deploy. I did a go around. After checking the normal things and even trying the keyboard command I then started to worry if this was going to be a belly landing. I quickly tried to go to YT and see how you manually drop the gear, hoping that this model had this function too, but there was no time to watch a video. So I committed to the belly landing about 500ft and then I took a final peak outside and there they were the gears were down. I was able to save the landing.

I don’t know if there is something that prevents the gear from going down that I was not aware of. I believe my speed was in normal range for approach.

So what was partly a disappointing flight turned out to be one of excitement at the end.

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