World's most dangerous airport- Take a ride with me!

Unfortunately, I did not make a video of what I’m about to describe. But that actually may be good news, because it gives you, my dear reader, the excuse you (don’t) need to go fly this route for yourself!

There’s a reason this is called the “World’s most dangerous airport”, and a reason that as few as only 8, or as many as only 24 (depending on which article you read) pilots are certified to even attempt this in real life.

Setup a VFR flight (I used the Turbo Bonanza, but your choice) from VE44 to VQPR, direct GPS. But forget about the direct business, as soon as possible after takeoff, select the RNAV 15Z approach with the PR888 transition, at 13,900’, and set your autopilot to fly it for you. I did feel the need to briefly take over to clear a ridgeline at (I think) PR816, but the approach plate swears it was safe.

Now, keep in mind that even though this bone chilling IAP exists, the airport is restricted to severe VFR weather in daylight hours only, and for good reason, as you’ll soon learn when you fly it yourself. It’s difficult enough in a little 6-seater piston (even if it is turbocharged), I can’t imagine doing it in an Airbus, but here is a video of an A319 flying final and landing:

The best extreme approach video of Paro Airport, Bhutan. Please watch HD and full screen - YouTube

Of course, I didn’t know any of this before hand, I certainly don’t have any training (not that it’s available for sim-pilots), I never watched any videos, and I didn’t even bother looking at the approach plate before hand, but it’s below for those interested. I just saw the “Challenge” in Volanta and went for it. I don’t even know if I got my trophy or not, I need to check on that. Of course, other than patting myself on the back, I don’t know what it’s going to buy me, besides the bragging rights from this post/thread. At least I hope it becomes a thread lol…

Approach Plate:

Here’s 2 pictures of my actual flight path from Volanta, one big picture, and the other tighter in for the (very, very manual) final approach and landing.

Zoomed Out:

And zoomed in:

I took over from the autopilot somewhere in the vicinity of PR810, as it was about to fly me into a ridgeline, and I had to land the sucker manually anyway. That consisted of essentially a 360° turn over a pretty cool looking Buddhist temple onto the numbers for a greaser. (Go me!!)

Here’s a pic after landing and shutdown:

And a couple of interesting and relevant articles:
Paro Airport - Wikipedia
Why So Few Pilots Are Allowed At Bhutan’s Paro Airport - Simple Flying

So, what are you waiting for? Put the Internet down and go try this for yourself. The skies are calling…


Oh, I almost forgot the actual proof that I did all that fancy equine excrement that I described above.

Here it is:


Glad you liked it :slight_smile:
This approach is not correct in MSFS2020 that’s why you almost ended in the mountains.
See the toipic here:

Well. That’s, um… I think terrifying would be a good word here. I guess there’s more than one reason severe VFR is required for this airport in the real world! But I find the fact that this approach even exists as it does to be fascinating, it reminds me of “Red Route One” from “Hunt for Red October”.

Such and such a speed, at this direction, and this altitude (or depth) and you can find a clear and safe way into a place where a safe(ish) visual approach is ready and waiting for you to finish. And, excepting the flaws we’ve already found and noted, it worked perfectly. It almost feels like if they actually perfected the approach, it could be safe to do in IMC, at least to a certain point. But only once it’s absolutely perfected in every conceivable way.

As it is, and with me and good weather conspiring to make sure imperfections could be found and addressed in time, it was actually really fun to fly and to watch it play out. When I first pulled it up (almost at random) and looked at it, I was certain someone had to have been drunk when they came up with it in the first place!!

I’ll definitely be doing it again, but keeping it limited to severe clear for the time being, and if I’m going to start as close as I did, I would definitely want at the least something turbocharged to get up to altitude fast enough. My experiment worked out, but in some cases (like having that aforementioned turbo engine equipped), simply by a fortuitous accident.

That’s a fun flight. I did something similar over the weekend, from Lukla, and the same transition but to runway 33. I flew roughly direct to PR888, then followed it down, and North through the mountains. I had it on live weather too, and was lucky that the temperature was above freezing as I descended into the clouds.

I was in the Mooney. What I noticed was that there were many waypoints in the 530 that did not correspond to the charts at all. Some were there, but others seemed entirely fictional.

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The only plane now performing well these approaches is moded CJ4 by Workingtitle !
Highly recommended :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want anything to do with Paro and IMC in anything but FS2020

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Same experience with RNAV 33Y. And then they should train the staff. Even parking is dangerous. Look what the driver did with my plane: :hot_face: :triumph: :joy:

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Them dadgum apron workers need to figure out where their vehicles belong and where they don’t. And where they don’t is where those of us with wings taxi and park!!


On the other hand, that could be the guy in charge of enforcing the rules about who is and is not allowed to land there. And if you ain’t on the list…

Buddhists do believe in karma, right? That’s CARMA right there!!

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Ok, next time I will ask ATC for the list bevor landing.

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