Worse Performance - SU7 - FPS

I believe the culprit is definately if the airport is surrounded by photogrammetry. Non photogrammetry airports (Vancouver, Toronto where the airport is a distance from the photogrammetry city centre, things are about the same as pre SU7. But if you go to say JFK, or KPHX, I’ve noticed almost a 20 fps drop sitting at the gate. It’s really awful. Mainthread is just getting hammered. Lowering Terrain LOD helps a bit but not much.I realize this picture is not exactly the same (weather, different time of day), but it is the exact same settings from SU6 vs SU7.

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It hapened to me exactly the same (I basically did the same testing :slight_smile: ). but the issues is particularly worst in KJFK than in other areas.

I applied your workaround and really worked, sadly.

During my testing today, I did a flight from MMMX to KJFK at 2560x1440 an eveything was working fine until on final approach. fps went from 40 to basically 6-10 fps. I did reduce in that moment to 1920x1080 and was able to reach arpound 25-28 fps which made it possible to land. What is curios is that fater at the parking ending up in average 27 fps, I reload the scenary in the same parking in KJFK, and got around 37 fps, which seems to indicate that in long flights again it seems the reduction of fps are happening again (all this with photogrammetry on)

Now that I have turned off, I will try it again to see what happens.

Thanks @Shelihan

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We can vote guys thanks . The perfomance is bad in this update 7

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An update has degraded performance. I am experiencing a very serious performance decline.

  • 10-15 FPS reduction
  • The simulator is stuttering.

You can’t enjoy flying … Photogeometric cities have the biggest power drop. You can’t fly at low altitudes because the simulator is stuttering …

I’m flying over the same cities. Before upgrading I got a very good FPS value of 30-37 Fps, there was no stuttering.

It’s tragic now …

System Specs:

Windows 10 64bit
Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz
Samsung 500GB SSD 860 EVO
Corsair Vengeance LPX Red DDR-4 16GB/3000 KIT /
Gainward GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Phoenix 11GB GDDR5X


Totaly correct 1+

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In KHHR airport (near L.A.) with photogrammetry ON, on the ground… low GPU usage and low fps:


In KHHR airport (near L.A.) with photogrammetry ON, in air, high… high GPU usage and good fps:

In KHHR airport (near L.A.) with photogrammetry OFF, on the ground… high GPU usage and good fps:

In KHHR airport (near L.A.) with photogrammetry ON, near the ground (above 400fts) … GPU usage decrease and fps decrease:

So… I think there is an issue with the GPU usage as we are near the ground.
The GPU usage decrease when approaching the ground

Having this issue as well.

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I tried with the previous version of Nvidia driver, but it’s not that !
Same issue, same bad perf on ground and low GPU usage

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On Xbox series x after su7 worst performance, sound freezing , and sim crashed.

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Live Weather take a lot of performance for me at airports, especial if the new low clouds are present.

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FPS test: MSFS vs vs

i9 9900KF, RTX 3080, 32GB ram @3200


Almost same setup but with 64Gb RAM, it was very smooth until around 5000ft at LEPA, fps was about 5-10 on final. ON A FREAKING 3080TI WITH AN i9 11900k!!

Never had any fps issues before


I had the same issues…did a fresh install of the sim and that seemed to cure it and, like you, I notice maybe even an uptick in performance.

Go figger…

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After some testing I’m fairly certain that the FPS degradation occurs when you’re low above or on the ground in a photogrammetry location. If you turn off photogrammetry these issues completely disappear for me, they also disappear after being a couple of hundred feet in the air.

My settings are unchanged from the last update and I easily lost ~15 fps in the described scenario. I hope the devs take another look at this problem and restore the performance quality we had in the last iteration…


Yes, the FPS issue, low GPU usage, is related to photogrametry area, near the ground only.
In other places, where there is not photogrametry city, or, in photogrametry area but above 500-1000fts the performances are good.


I wish we could just turn off photogrammetry, but it causes lots of issues with 3rd party airports in PG areas when turned off… so if you fly there, one is basically forced to have it on…

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Worst update for ages peformance wise. 20-25 fps in the airliners from 40-60 prior newest update. 10900k , 3090, 64gb 3600mhz ram. Started off at 40 at newcastle airport in Uk then just dropped at cruise altitude to 20. Come on fellas, sort it out!

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I also experienced a frame drop, was flying from LOWI to LOWS and suddenly after about 30mins,when descending, the frames dropped from 35 avg. to 15-20 avg.
First thought i had was my CPU is thermal throttling, but also after setting the fan curve more powerful the problem insists.

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