Wrapping a texture around the fuselage?

Hi there. I make liveries for the A320 (both ASO and FBW) and up until now I haven’t really had to do any work with the textures and both top and bottom of the fuselage. The ones I’ve made have been pretty basic. Someone contacted me via Instagram and asked me to do livery which has a painted strip starting on the top of the fuselage and wrapping around to the underside but at an angle.

I’ve been scouring YouTube and Google for how to do this in Blender and even ended up down the Substance Painter rabbit hole.

Any tips or tricks on how to wrap a strip of paint from the top of a plane (or bottom) to the bottom (or top)?

I have not really experimented enough with the technique myself, but all the current liveries by Asobo are made by attaching meshes to the plane model itself. Here’s an excellent guide that does a great job explaining how-to.

Perhaps this can help to wrap a ribbon around the entire fuselage?

Thank you. I had seen that article as well as that video and unfortunately either I’m too dense to see how I can apply that technique(s) to my issue or it’s not possible.

Basically, I’m able to do curves but the problem is lining it up as the curve tool is 2D and not 3D…so when I superimpose a curve onto the model (make the curved line and then hit enter) and then shift the model, it’s now virtually impossible to get it 100% exact because the curved section I just did doesn’t show me the curve line I used…if that makes sense.

There has to be someone out there who has done wrap around paint strips or the like on a model…