Wrong temperatures

this temprature issues comes and goes. so it’s not fixed yet and I don’t really think it’s code issue. it’s something to do with live weather server and how asobo sources its data. This problem has existed since before SU5.

The Hotfix should have fixed this. But it didn’t. Still temperature spikes and the winds are off too at some altitudes. It changed very suddenly from a 2kts tailwind to a 25kts headwind at FL120… My poor Bonanza…

While yesterday it seemed the temperature spikes were fixed, I can now also confirm they are not. Just flying from LXGB to EHAM, and during climb over southern Spain, suddenly I get ISA +60°C at FL240 - no wonder the A320NX won’t climb any more.
I have now turned off live weather and manually set a weather situation with ISA + 8°C. As it turns out, ATC still seems to be seeing my aircraft at a different altitude than I perceive. I set the altimeter to STD and leveled off at FL 290 as instructed. Half a minute later, ATC asks me to expedite my climb to FL 290 and keeps going on about it until I’m at around FL 297. This shouldn’t happen at this altitude with altimeter on STD, and it never happened to me before I am now wondering whether this issue is tied to the live weather issues (like the temperature spikes), or whether it’s a different problem altogether.

no there is nothing that can be done with the temps untill they drop this well over due hotfix that they are still not telling or comenting on Silance is golden they say, i say not in this case

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Turns out the altitude issue seems to be related to the deviation from ISA temperature, which produces an incorrect altitude readout affecting ATC (and also VATSIM and the like):

I just returned to manual weather, ISA +0°C, and now it’s OK.
Now let’s just hope this bug has enough visibility to be addressed with high priority. It basically renders live weather unusable.

lul it has not been corrected LFPO / LFMN flight 32,000 feet + 40c

using rex weather for now everything is good with that exept when it load in preset or clouds it can make fps drop but temps are great and climb is fine and winds

How is the cloud coverage looking for you? Yesterday my destination was rainy and during the landing there was no cloud at all.

lol i have cloud coverage now but at high alt umm i really dont use this program just because the way the weather load in but for now i guess its ok man and the only alternative i have untill they fix this problem :wink:

Oh yeah understood ! Yeah it’s just an option until it gets fixed. Happy flying ! :slight_smile:

This not ok. ISA +16 is not normal for FL340.

Today flying from ENTC to ESSA there is no Problem with the temperature but with the wind. In FL400 the wind has only 15 kn. According to skyvector it has to blow much stronger.
It seems that there is no strong wind in high altitudes anymore?

ISA deviation in the low to mid teens (positive) are entirely possible (and normal) in summertime at FL340 depending on location.

For example: per the current NOAA GFS model, the temperature over Miami is ISA +13 at FL330, and over Cabo San Lucas it is ISA +15 at FL330

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asbo Hello update HELLLLOOOO


i have the latest patch that if i read correctly is fixing the weather problem but…i still got +50C at 30.000ft and the plane is unable to climb more than that altitude…any hot fix because its really hot out there!!!

test flight now on live weather temp looking good so far the steps i followed started in clear skies and when load in sim hit live weather cruising to fl 370 all is good so far


One hour into a 1.5 hour flight and no temperature problems. I’m still cautious about claiming the problem is fixed.