Wrong temperatures

test flight now on live weather temp looking good so far the steps i followed started in clear skies and when load in sim hit live weather cruising to fl 370 all is good so far


One hour into a 1.5 hour flight and no temperature problems. I’m still cautious about claiming the problem is fixed.


lol im bout to try and do a flight also i have my good luck wish on

Nah it is not. In another thread is was acknowledged by some of the dev. But it certainly has a random nature to it. So enjoy while it lasts. :wink:

It’s confirmed that the issues are being looked at the moment.


Better, but not fixed!
Just completed Heathrow to Ibiza, A320 had no issues but had to climb to FL400 to stop the instruction to 'Expedite your climb to 390. I was then informed that I was 300 feet above my designated altitude!
Marshaller still missing his right-hand wand as you approach him,
Contrails have changed too, but thicker and forming right out of the exhaust! I forgot to check if they still looked like black smoke at night, even with light moonlit clouds?

just finished a flight from loww to lszh. temps were fine. atc saw me sometime abouth 300 feet off.

but I had also no problem saturday night central europe time and from sunday to this evening it was a mess with the temperatures. so lets hope they found a solution!

Temperatures aloft have been fine on three flights since this morning. (Monday Aug 2nd US Eastern time).

At the same time I note that the real-time METAR injection has apparently been (at least temporarily) disabled on the server end. Winds, temperatures and pressures at airports are not a precise match to the METARS today, but appear to be coming from the model forecast.

I think Asobo has probably confirmed internally what many MSFS users have observed over the past weekend: that the high temperature aloft bug is caused by an incorrect interaction between the MeteoBlue model data and the real-time METAR data.


To me, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Weather conditions don’t exactly match the METAR out in the real world. We should take the opportunity and run with it before they go making them perfectly match…which might not be so realistic.

Yes i totally agree. How fun is it to predict the weather to 100% with static and sometimes old metar data? The fun with this sim is that it’s not totally accurate with metar data. I forecast the weather on https://www.meteoblue.com/ on the weather map to get the winds, temp and radar i need to plan my flight. I’, not using vatsim but i think vatsim should look att that forecast instead of metar when dealing with msfs simmers in the future.

Yep - I ran the same tests as yesterday and the issue appears to be fixed and my numbers in the flight levels match real world data.

Can confirm steady expected temps in flight this evening.

I’m currently doing my LFBD to KSEA run… so far… no issues except for the mismatch altitude… 2nd time trying…

I also did a flight an hour ago cruising at FL360 using Live Weather… The temperature was fine from takeoff to landing.

They must have been doing something on the server side, which fixed this issue.

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Good for me

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Works for me now too, except for the other bug-- the one that makes ATC start complaining that you’re above or below your assigned altitude. I think that bug happens when the live weather is updated, or the plane flies into a different weather area. After the weather changes, the sim fails to consider that the plane is above the transition altitude, and thinks the plane should be at the altitude it would be at if the baro is set to the sea level pressure.

Yep! Temperature was fine for me too tonight! Did two legs, 3 hours, no problem! :+1:

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That one is different and is addressed here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/vatsim-ivao-pilotedge-users-be-aware-of-an-important-bug/426142/160?

you are at 20.000 ft and you have +12c …its not so good…

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